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Scandinavian Trip

Question for those who have returned from their 2017 Scandinavian trip. We're leaving in August and wondered how it worked using 3 different currencies for Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Thanks!

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Best way to get local currency is by using an ATM card without service fees that gives you full value for your currency. I use Capital One cards. And use a bank ATM in the country you're in.
When we were there last year, we used very little cash. Just about everywhere accepts credit cards, and I use them every chance I get in lieu of using cash.

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FWIW, we have been in Denmark, Sweden and Oslo since June 14th and we are leaving today. We each carried a ATM only and a Visa credit card that we cleared ahead of time with both card companies for them.

We have used cash from ATM with no problems in all 3 countries as my local bank charges no fees. We will hit the ATM at the train station / airport when we arrive in the new country (buy bus / train tix, get food etc) to have on hand and make sure to take in local currency (DKK, SEK, NOK) without conversion although all 3 take credit cards. We ran into a couple of that took NO CASH, e.g. coffee houses in Stockholm etc.

We wanted to have options with cash and credit cards in case we ran into problems. Sometimes I will ask for copy of my hotel charges the day before or day of and and we will make the necessary amount to use up existing cash in a country. My credit card is Visa and some hotels use & charge when I checked in but I have actually used sparingly as they charge a currency fee of 3%.


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If you're taking a Rick Steves Tour, your guide can advise you at the first night's meeting about how much cash you might want. It does seem to be the trend that credit cards can be used for most things in Scandinavia. When leaving a country, always try to spend any coins that you have, since they're not normally accepted at the places that would exchange your leftover bills.

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If you add Finland to make your trip a Nordic trip you would then have four different currencies. Fortunately, the Nordic countries are pretty advanced and credit card acceptance is widespread. That said, having some cash, coins in particular, are useful for small purchases and coin operated WCs.

Departing with a minimum amount of currency is one of cash management. Keep enough of a cash reserve to get out of the country and spend down cash while using you credit card for expenses beyond your cash reserves.