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Roskilde Viking Museum

We’re in Copenhagen now where it’s been hot all week. (!) If you plan to take bus 203 to the Viking Museum in Roskilde, please know you must turn left as you exit the station and walk more or less 1/4 mile to the bus stop./station. The buses that stop directly in front of the train station go elsewhere. Rick needs to update the guide with this fact. The Museum was interesting but my husband bailed halfway through the guided tour. Be sure to watch the short film before beginning your exploration of the museum and don’t miss the demonstration of Viking skills in the open air park next to the main building. Lunch in the café is quite good and reasonable (by Danish standards). The return bus stop for bus 203 is just across the front lawn and to the right.

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It's been said before, but I'm going to say it again: Never trust a guide book when it comes to public transport! Bus routes change, always make sure you get up to date information from the local public transport company.

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Just curious as to why you took the bus instead of the train from Copenhagen? The train is fast, drops you off in Rosklide close to the Cathedral, and then it's a short walk from there to the Viking Museum.

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Yes, it's been quite warm lately. Arguably a bit too hot. Nevertheless, I hope you're enjoying the weather :-)

I agree with Badger. You can use guide books to get a very general introduction to bus systems, but you should check with the public transport companies themselves. Things tend to change quite fast in the world of public transportation, especially with buses.

According to the public transport umbrella organization DOT Din Offentlige Transport bus 203 is still using a bus stop on the station building side of Roskilde Station. I haven't been to Roskilde Station in a while so I can't personally confirm nor deny this - but DOT is usually pretty good at updating this kind of information.

Sometimes they have to move bus stops temporarily. The bicycle race Postnord Danmark Rundt started in Roskilde yesterday, so if you were in Roskilde yesterday (?) I think that's probably the reason the bus stop was moved.