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Restaurants and Tivoli with Family

I'm going to be in Copenhagen in about a week with my family of 5 (3 daughters 9-14). We're going to Tivoli Gardens on the first afternoon. Are ride lines during the week in the summer long? Or in other words are they typically longer, shorter, or about the same as something like Disney Land, Sea World, Six Flags, etc?

Also, should we eat at the park. I have noticed that Tivoli has a ton of restaurants, but do they all charge a premium for being in the park?

Does anyone have a decent middle-of-the road family restaurant recommendation?

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I cannot speak to summer lines but a late fall visit at the end of their Halloween season reflected longer lines as the day went on. Tivoli is nowhere close to the size of U.S. parks that you mention but the lines can get long and at times later in the day the place felt a bit crowded. There are those who will slight Tivoli on this forum but its fun and you can let your kids run. In fact we let our then young teenagers (ten years ago) spend an hour or two working over the park and then returning to their hotel so that they could have a Slurpee at a 7-11.

As to eating in the park....the food is wonderful. Have eaten Smorsbrod lunch there (sorry for the spelling) and old fashioned junk food and its all been quite tasty. The food is however pricey.

I am sure that you are aware that Copenhagen is not an "economical" city so I don't quite know what to say about recommending a "decent middle-of-the road family restaurant". (rather much of an American term) Nyhavn for its touristy nature has any number of waterfront places to sit down at for a meal. Had a light breakfast there on an unusually warm November Sunday and it was fantastic. Short of junk food or street vendors food will nibble at your wallet. Good luck and enjoy it!

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Will the TSA let you on an international flight with a jar of peanut butter and a box of Ritz crackers? Sometimes you've got to get back to basics when it comes to food.

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Ironically, we are taking a jar of peanut butter, but I'm willing to splurg on a little nicer supper. In regard to restaurants, maybe I should have just asked for a decent family restaurant. Something in between Noma and McDonalds.

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Are lines long? Yes, the park is only open part of the year and it's reasonably crowded daily.

We had dinner in Tivoli at a place which translates to "ditch" because of where it's built. I'd recommend it if you're in Tivoli. Four of us ordered the stacked sandwich plate for four. I was the only one who braved the herring and was surprised how great it was - amazingly fresh, not fishy, with a hint of dill. By Copenhagen standards I didn't think it was more expensive than restaurants elsewhere - that said we typically ate at Kabob type places on the Stroget or picked up picnic stuff from a store.

A great park to eat at surrounds Rosenborg Slot and there's at least one grocery store within a few blocks of there.

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We were just there last week. Lots of people bring picnic food in. There are some grocery type stores very close by to Tivoli (Irma near the British toy store for example) and you could stop there before hand, or duck out, eat elsewhere, and then shoot back in. Also the train station is next store and there is no shortage of dining options there. We ate at the Anderson bakery (yummy!) which is right there. You do have to duck out, but you can go back in. I know that sounds weird, but trust me. There's also a wide range of price options when eating at Tivoli. You can go 4 star to just hot dogs.

Yes there are lines, but they move. I would consider them on a par with any US amusement park. One thing I would add, we thought Tivoli would be a pretty quick visit. I was there in the early 80s and maybe there weren't rides, but we just didn't spend that much time. You look at it on the map and think, "It's only about a square block or so, surely I won't need to spend much time there." Au contraire my friend. We shut that place down! There is so much to see and do.

We utterly adored our time there. I hope you and yours do as well.


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We went to Tivoli on our first afternoon, jet lag and all. We rode "The Roller Coaster", and you know the kids are tired when they were okay with eating and going to bed. We ate at Viften, and it was perfect for us! Great food, reasonable for Copenhagen price and great view. We loved Copenahgen in general and Tivoli more specifically!

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Tivoli is excellent. We were there in early-mid June. By American standards, the lines are nonexistent. The locals seem to enjoy the restaurants and concerts more than the rides; perhaps this is because the rides require tickets. Don't fixate on the rides; there is so much to explore here that does not involve rides.

We ate two dinners in Tivoli. My favorite was Groften. You can find this restaurant and other great suggestions on the Copenhagen tourism website. We found this to be the most authentically Danish meal in Copenhagen. You will see a lot of Americans/tourists in Tivoli but not so many in Groften- mostly Danish families. Be aware that the meal will be leisurely by American standards. Also a reservation is helpful here as it is very popular with large local parties.

We have two sons (ages 9 and 3) and we found Tivoli to be a great touring break for our children.