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Rental car in Aero?

My family of four is traveling to Denmark in July 2019. We will be renting a car for the first leg of our trip, when we'll visit Billund and then head to Aero for a three-night stay. Our Airbnb does not have a parking space. Our kids are also young enough that we can't quite yet bike the entire island with them, so a car would allow us to see more of it. But I also know there's good walkability and public transportation. My questions:

Should we bring our car along on the ferry from Svendborg?
If we did so, is there anywhere in Aeroskobing where we could park it?
How hard is it to find safe parking in Svendborg if we decide to leave it?

Thanks, we are excited about the trip!

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I assume you will be staying in Ærøskøbing? It's a nice village, but for a 3-night stay, there's not a lot to do there. A car sure would make transportation around the island easy.
I don't think it will be impossible for you to find somewhere to park the car.
and I have no idea about the parking situation in Svendborg, but I don't think it will be impossible.

You could also rent a Christiania Bicycle on Ærø.
The summer timetable for the buses is not out yet, but you will be able to find it here

If you don't bring the car to Ærø, where are you going afterwards? It may be cheaper for you to return the car before you go to Ærø, and then take the train when you return from Ærø.