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Rejsekort Anonymous vs. Eurail Pass

My family (husband plus 2.5 year old) and I and going to be in Viborg, Denmark, for the whole month of June 2016 for an artist residency at Viborg Kunsthal. We will fly in and out of Copenhagen and have a few days there on either end of our trip. We are looking forward to exploring with day or overnight trips to places like the Louisiana Museum, Roskilde, Aarhus, Aalborg, Skagen, Jelling, Herning, etc.

We are wondering if it makes sense for us to try to buy a Rejsekort Anonymous when we arrive? Is it going to be possible to add money and make changes (like to national journeys, or to multiple passengers on one card) in Viborg? Or would we be better off with a Denmark Eurail pass (8 days) and pay as we go for things like city bus rides?

Thanks for any advice!

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Without knowing the price of the Eurail pass, I would say get the Rejsekort. However what is cheapest depends on the number and types of journeys you are planning to take, so you would have to do the math. Use to plan all you trips with public transport, see prices etc. The standard fares, where you just buy a single ticket, can be ludacrisly expensive compared to the discounts you can get with a Rejsekort, especially within the greater Copenhagen zone system. For example a one way standard single ticket to Helsingør or Roskilde costs 108kr, but the price with a Rejsekort is 49kr a 55% discount. For long distance trips discounts are less. Standard tickets to Viborg are 420kr but the price with Rejsekort is 388kr.
If you get the Rejsekort be sure to read up on how to use it, to avoid confusion when you arrive.

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Also, note that on Zealand, the Copenhagen Card covers all transportation, in addition to the vast majority of museums and other places of interest. We paid about $125 for five days. We went to Roskilde, Helsingor, Hillerod, and the Louisiana Museum. If I recall correctly, the only thing we had to pay for that wasn't covered by the card was the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. There may have been one other thing I can't recall. But the card more than paid for itself too.

If you have time going from Viborg to Copenhagen, consider stopping in Odense. We really loved it.

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According to, we may be taking buses out of Viborg quite a bit, so the rejsekort may make more sense. The Eurail pass is about $300 each. We will add up the costs of more of our potential journeys to try to figure this out. Thanks again for your thoughts!

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The Eurail Denmark pass is currently $250 per person for 9 travel days in 2nd class when you have two or more people traveling together, and assuming that you purchase before April 29, when the extra-day offer ends. A child that young is automatically free on all trains in Europe, without a ticket.

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You are doing something peculiar so you are going to have to list what you want to accomplish on which days and compute all the costs and savings for each method.

My hunch is that the cheapest and best solution is going to be a 3 day Copenhagen Card used at the beginning or end of your trip, then something else for the other trips from Viborg.