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Recent experience with Copenhagen Downtown Hostel?

Hello all,
I am looking at staying in the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel. I will be staying in a single occupancy room with a bathroom. I see the reviews in other forums quite mixed, but the RS guidebook is very positive about this place. I wanted to check here to see if anyone has recent experience in staying there. Are week day nights reasonably quiet in the rooms? If the cleanliness good?

Thank you for your help.

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No recent experience - I hope you get a more knowledgable poster. I did happen to walk past the hotel in July although I'm not sure why I noticed it. It is in a convenient location.

I was really going to ask when the last RS guidebook to Denmark/Scandinavia was published? I don't trust the reviews in any guidebook without checking online current reviews. Even if released in the current year, the preparation for any guide is in the past and changes, especially to hotels, can happen very quickly.

Personally, I would take the consensus of current reviews over Rick's suggestions - or any other guide.

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We stayed in a Cityhub hostel in Copenhagen. It was clean & well appointed. Bathrooms were all good. At the lounge in front there was beer/wine in a dispenser activated by your wristband. We had a lot of fun at an Indian restaurant across the street.