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realistic Denmark travel plans

Hi. I'm trying to figure out a timeline for travel and base hotels. If someone could help me roughly figure this out, I'd be grateful. Here's out list of places we would like to see. We will begin in Copenhagen since we are getting off of a cruise ship and will have 7 days to explore. I am not including anything in Copenhagen itself since we will be there 4 days before the cruise. I am also wondering if it would be better to rent a car or take the fun trains.

Billund with an overnight at the Legoland hotel
Odense to see Hans Christian Andersen House
Hillerod with Castle visit

We can fly home from Copenhagen or any other city that might be convenient.

Along those routes, are we missing anything major that a family of 4 interested in history and adventure might want to see?

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Hi - Thank you for visiting my country.

Being local I probably see things different from a traveller, so I will only say that Hillerod, Roskilde, and Helsingor are best visited as day trips from one single location. Since you have already been spent four days in Copenhagen I would suggest you stay in Hillerød. You can visit Helsingør via a local train along the north coast which is very scenic. You can get good help from

I suggest going directly from your ship to Billund by train, then by train to Odense, and then by train to Hillerød (via Copenhagen). Then you can take the train from Hillerød directly to Copenhagen airport.

Of the 7 days you have, you will spend 4 half days travelling. So I hope you have relaxed on the cruise ship - lol

Book your tickets early for substantial savings ("Orange tickets"). Have a nice vacation :-)

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ha..OK thank you. Actually the cruise is going to 3 other countries, so I will be tired.
We are going to Aarhus now to the Viking Museum, staying overnight and then to Billund for 2 days and then work our way back towards Copenhagen for those day trips from either Hillerod or Copenhagen itself. If it was you? What would you do? We are unlikely to return to Denmark for at least 10 years as we travel to new areas every year without many repeats. I am traveling with 2 sons who love Vikings and Legos, thus the reason for the first 2 stops. I personally like farms, nature, and castles.

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The Aarhus Viking Museum sounds like a small place (the free one, under the bank) in a town know for other museums. I found the Viking Ship Museum at Roskilde to be quite memorable, closer to your home base.

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All the places you mention are well connected by train, so that would be the best option transport wise. But if you want to see things outside the cities and towns, then the car would be the best option.
Regarding visiting Hillerød, Rosklide and Helsingør as daytrips I will respectfully disagree with I.P Enersens advise about staying in Hillerød. Besides Fredensborg Castle Hillerød is pretty dull in my mind and the public transport connection to Roskilde is not that good.
Public transport wise Copenhagen would be the best base for day trips to all three places, but since you have already been there, Helsingør might be an option for a day there and a day trip to Hillerød. Helsingør has a lot more to offer than Hillerød, besides Kronborg Castle there is the new maritime museum and a scenic old town centre.
Another option for the viking interested could be the viking ring fort Trelleborg near Slagelse
Slagelse is on the main rail line between Copenhagen and Odense, Århus and Billund, so you will be passing by anyway. The fort is 15 minutes by bus from Slagelse and could occupy you for an hour or two.
Odense is not really worth spending more than a day in, so you could combine Odense and Trelleborg into the same day, if you are up for it. However doing all these minor stops will be a lot easier if you where renting a car and if you opt for the car, i would suggest using Helsingør as a base for you trip to Roskilde as well, to avoid driving in Copenhagen.