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Questions about Packing for Copenhagen

Wow, I have reached the place where it is time to begin packing.

I travel really light, just one rolling bag that is allowed on the plane and one that goes under the seat.

I have just begun hearing about packing cubes and wonder if anyone has has experience with them. I am especially interested in the compression packing cubes since I travel so light and I am packing for a cold weather cruise.

I will be in Copenhagen from the 19th thru the 23rd of September, then sailing the Baltic Seas and then back to Copenhagen on October 2nd flying out on the 3rd.

I have packed my thermal underwear, my very lightweight pajamas that are very warm and my compression knee high socks. I have packed a poncho and plastic rain boots. I can wear the bottom of my pajamas under a skirt or the top under a blouse when I go out and about. They do not look like pajamas unless I wear them together.

I do have a wonderful warm comfy jacket / coat that can also be used as a blanket which I will carry. I will be packing scarves, gloves and additional hats.

I have looked at weather sites but that tells me high, low and average with percentage of precipitation.

For you, who really know Copenhagen and the Baltic Countries in mid to late September and early October, what maybe can I expect for weather given that the weather is so unpredictable these days.

Any chance that we will be having fall colors?

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It is always wise to be prepared but you seem to be packing for rather cold temperatures, hats, gloves, etc. that I doubt you will need.

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I'm mainly speaking for Scandinavia, as I don't know that much about the Baltic states. But I can confidently say that the weather around the Baltic sea tends to be a bit colder than the weather in Denmark, southern Norway and south-western Sweden.

The weather has always been unpredictable in this corner of the world, and the weather can sometimes change several times a day. We don't really trust forecasts more than a few days ahead. The somewhat vague long term forecasts (about 2 weeks ahead, maybe 3) can be used as general guidelines but should be taken with a grain of salt as they aren't that precise. Climate change has made it significantly harder to predict the weather more than a (few) weeks ahead, but that's never been an easy thing to do. Since you've already looked at the climate data you can't really do any more for now. Check the forecasts for the cities you'll be visiting in the week before your trip and again a day or two before you go.
The best way to prepare yourself for our weather is to bring layers, so you can adapt to the weather conditions. Don't overdo it with gloves and warm hats, I really don't think you'll need them in September.

You won't be experiencing that many autumn colours and leaf fall. Your visit is too early for that.

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I don't know much about the Baltic countries either, but you might have better luck in the Estonia forum. But I think that gloves and a warm hat might be useful, it can get a bit windy by the sea and thus feel a lot colder than further inland. And if you are hit by and autumn storm, you'll be glad you brought them. Autumn colours will probably be rare in the southern parts, but they might show up in Estonia.

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While on a Baltic cruise a few years ago during the first week of Sept., most of the sunny day time temperatures ranged between 13C to 16C, although we did have one day in Warnemunde Germany where it was 19C. If you think of 18C to 21C as room temperature, dressing in layers is the way to go, but I doubt that you would need thermal underwear even in late Sept! I did take one hat and and a pair of light gloves which came in handy on one or two windy nights/early mornings on-board the ship while at sea (we like to walk the Promenade deck). Hard to predict the weather, but others have given you some good suggestions regarding advance planning.

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I agree with Badger that a hat and gloves can be a good idea at sea/near the coast - but I see that wasn't clear in my first reply. My point is just that you shouldn't overdo it with warm winter gear.

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Thank you for the helpful and interesting information.

Last September, a cruise ship sailing the third week of September dealt with an unexpected storm that came in out of nowhere, The ship was late leaving Copenhagen. it could only port in two out of five ports. it was so cold that the passengers could not go out on the decks and were stuck in overcrowded conditions inside the ship.

I am on Cruise Critic and NCL got blasted all over the internet. What are you going to do? An Act of God is just that but you pay so much money to go on these cruises and sometimes come a very long way.

This is the same time of year that I am sailing so I thought that perhaps I might come prepared.

I also live in Texas and it is 100 degrees F right now and will remain so until late September. So, while some of you may live in colder weather, I live in a very hot and very uncomfortable climate.

Last month, one of the cruise passengers was complaining that it was too cold to enjoy Helsinki. I have been following the temps and some of the weather is cool and comfortable days but nights are getting a little cold.

I like to dress simply and will bring two simple dresses plus two skirts and three blouses, no pants. I will probably buy a dress or two along the way but I like lightweight, simple and just hanging, not fitted.

I grew up in Boston and it sounds like Copenhagen weather is more like Boston weather but I have been in Texas for over 40 years and have become climatized.

My last cruise was Alaska and dressing in layers is the key there also.

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I have edited my post and deleted any reference to my orange T Shirt because I felt that it could be taken wrong and cause controversy.

So if you responded to that part of my discussion, you might want to edit your post because it is no longer applicable and might not even make sense to other posters You can also leave as is.

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You mentioned Helsinki, are you going to Finland as well as the Baltic countries? That will increase the chance of autumn colours a bit.

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I am going to Helsinki for a day as well as Stockholm for a day or we are hoping to go to these places. some of the ships can not get into all the ports due to weather.

I am cruising to Northern Germany. It says Berlin on the itinerary but it is Warnemunde. Then on to Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm.

I do not know this region of the world. Are these countries considered Baltic and or Scandinavia. I guess that Northern Europe will suffice.

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Scandinavia= Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Nordic Countries= Scandinavia + Iceland and Finland.
Baltic Countries= Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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I am going to have to check out the ScotteVest. Sounds great. I believe that I saw something similar on Shark Tank.

I have a Downs Vest and I just went and checked. It has two nice pockets but nothing like you have described.

My trip is less than a month away. I got my packing cubes and my new carry on bag. I have enough clothes so that I do not need to buy anything new but will still need to make some choices about what to bring. Have to be realistic.

I think that it will be too warm for fall colors and I am disappointed. I will be in St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Stockholm the very end of September coming back to Copenhagen the 2nd of October and flying out the 3rd so depending on the weather, maybe I will see a little color.

Right now, I am researching international mobile calling. It is so exhausting that I have to keep taking a nap.

Many of the cruise lines have similar voyages. Viking is one of the more high end cruise lines. It is considered to be a 5 star luxury cruise line. The ships are much smaller. Facilities and services are considered to be top of the line but it is also more expensive. There are a lot of rave reviews about Viking Voyages but also many complaints. You can not please everyone.

Norwegian is more of a cruise line for the "masses". They are able to keep prices low because the ships are so huge and you do not get the same attention as you would on Viking. I travel alone and Norwegian has studio cabins for the solo passenger. If it were not for Norwegian, I would be unable to afford cruises.

Thank you for your good wishes.

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Weather has been really unpredictable all over the world due to climate change.

I am going to be in Copenhagen the third week of September and my cruise will be the third week of September to the very beginning of October.

I do not expect it to be hot (but who knows) but it may not be very cold. Again, who knows. I am going to dress comfortable and be prepared. I have a wonderful comfy jacket / coat. I have sweaters and I think I will bring my Down Vest. I am bringing skirts, blouses and dresses. They are mostly clothes to wear in the fall but then i can layer up.

I did grow up in Boston which I love and it seems that Copenhagen has a climate similar to Boston.

Last September, the Norwegian cruise that sailed the third week of September ran into terrible weather.. It was a freak storm that came in and the ship could only port in two ports out of five. The weather was so bad that the passengers could not even go out on the decks and they were furious. What did they want. it was an Act of God but you sign a contract and you do not get any refunds or credits.

The vest that you have described is the one featured on Shark's Tank. the inventor of this jacket has done very well.

Cruises are not for everyone but they work well for me but I will tell you that this cruise is costing me much more than I budgeted for. If you ever sail Norwegian, you probably want to sail the balcony or higher if it fits within your budget. The Haven is supposed to be very nice but it is very expensive. Yet the Havens all sell out and you get very spoiled.

I bet you have a postpaid plan with Verizon. I have a prepaid plan with AT&T and would have to upgrade to a postpaid plan to add their $10 a day international plan.

I have downloaded the Skype App on my iPad and for a very small monthly fee can make phone calls all over the world (supposedly). I only may need to make phone calls while in Copenhagen like from the airport to my hotel or to my cruise line or to my credit cards, etc.