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Question regarding Copenhagen & trains

I just wanted to verify something with someone in regards to booking a train ticket from Copenhagen to Berlin. On the Bahn website I type in Copenhagen for my departure city and can see the following - Copenhagen or Kopenhagen HBF. If I choose Copenhagen and put in the rest of my information it changes to Koebenhavn when it goes to the next screen, where I can choose the train. Is this correct? I want to make sure its not changing to something else and then we have a problem the day we actually travel.

Thank you!

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Koebenhavn is German for what we (in English) call Copenhagen. In Danish it is København. So you are fine.

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I believe you meant to say Kopenhagen Hbf. is German for Copenhagen central station.

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Actually "Koebenhavn" is the Danish name, but spelled the way you do when you don't have a Danish keyboard :-)

Danes spell it "København". The special character between the "K" and the "b" is one of the three Danish (and Norwegian) characters ("æøå").

It resembles the German/Swedish character o-umlaut