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proof of vaccination to get into museums etc


Is anyone aware of how tourists from the US prove vaccination at restaurants, museums etc that are using the coronapas system?

Thank you so much!

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As a person with a "foreign corona passport", you should be able to use the documentation you used to enter Denmark with. You might be asked to show identification (regular passport) alongside your foreign corona passport.

See the official information in the Q&A section on under Can I use my foreign corona passport after entering Denmark?

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Hi, I had this exact question. Might be traveling to Denmark and am confused about the "corona passport." Can anyone confirm that you just need your printed vaccine card and maybe your passport to dine indoors at restaurants, go to museums? Thank you.


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For museums you don't need coronapas or equivalent any longer. From September 1 not in restaurants either. As broccolihaar wrote, whatever is enough for the border police should be enough for the restaurant too. A restaurant can in theory deny you if they don't understand your documentation but I doubt any will in times of easing restrictions.