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Probably a dumb question

Are the outlets in Denmark the same as Germany? I saw something online that appeared to show something slightly different to what we are used to in Germany. I just want to make sure that our adapter will work without any problems.
Thank you!

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See this website. According to that website, Denmark has German Schuko receptacles (type F), modified (French) Schuko receptacles (type E), two pin Europlug receptacles (type C), and a unique configuration receptacle (type K).

What type of plug adapters do you have? Probably type C? A two pin "Europlug" adapter should work in all of them.

Understand that type C plugs are only rated for 2½ amps or less, even in Germany. So you should not be using them for hair dryers or similar high wattage heating devices. Also, American devices with polarized plugs lose the safety that was provided in this country by one blade being wider than the other (most receptacle in Europe are not polarized.

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Yes it's the same as in Germany, two round pins.

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No worries, Georgiatraveler - you can use the same 2-pin-plug in Denmark, as in Germany. Only problem you may experience will be if you need to plug in more appliances at one time. In that case, a multi-socket may come in handy, they cost a few kroner to buy.

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Great, thank you everyone! I have the one you find in Target or Walmart s and was afraid I was going to have to find the other one I saw.