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PCR Test to return to USA

Upon returning to USA from Copenhagen, how easy is it to make arrangements to get tested for COVID? Does the airport have testing sites? If so, what's the timeframe for being tested prior to your departure? How about testing centers in Copenhagen?

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Most airports in Europe have testing sites. You want to get tested no earlier than the day before you leave--or the day of departure.

I don't know about Copenhagen as I've not recently flown into the city. It's one of my favorites, however.

You might check out the airport's website as the subject will be addressed there.

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One key fact is that it does not have to be a PCR test. The U.S. accepts antigen tests for entry.

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You need to remember that you need a negative test before you are issued a boarding pass and you can’t get very far into an airport without a boarding pass. So you really need to confirm that the pharmacy is in an accessible area. It makes a lot more sense to get tested in a city before heading to the airport.

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I would never test at the airport - even the airports recommend that you get tested before coming there. For one thing, there could be a long wait and the cost is more expensive. And if you do test positive you will have to get back to your hotel, or someplace where you can find a hotel to quarantine in.

You really do not want to to leave this till the last minute. I did mine at 7 am the day before I left and was so relieved to have it done and over with. If you test early and test positive, that gives you an extra day to contact the airlines to reschedule your flight, book a hotel and in general, get everything ready to spend an extra 5-10 days in Copenhagen. And keep in mind that the clock starts ticking on your quarantine period from the date you have your test. So if you get your test one day before leaving, that's one less day that you need to stay once you are symptom free.

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Hopefully you saw today’s news that the testing requirement to enter the USA is ending! Safe travels