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Parking near Svendborg ferry to Æroskøbing

My wife and I will be driving to Svendborg in early July and want to leave our car for two nights in Svendborg so we can walk onto the Æroskøbing ferry. Rick's Scandinavia guidebook mentions a parking lot within two blocks of the ferry. In looking at the maps I cannot determine where it is (useful knowledge for driving). Also is it a safe parking lot for an unattended car? Does anyone know the cost for two nights of parking and how do you pay? We will have both Canadian and US debit / credit cards. Any other parking suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Rick calls the Svendborg parking lot "safe," I'm sure with standard precautions.

I chose to use my car on the island, since I don't bicycle, and a beach day there made a lovely "vacation from my vacation." Taking the car on the ferry now costs 440 kr roundtrip and could require waiting in line unless you've reserved (,