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packing for copenhagen for 4 months

I am studying abroad from August-December in Copenhagen and am struggling with what I should pack. I know the weather is cooler but how much cooler? For it seems that it is warmer in early fall. I also want to travel to countries where it may be warmer and don't know what jackets, shoes, pants, shorts, shirts, etc. to pack with me. Any help on weather would be helpful.

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Expect that it will get quite cold - around freezing - and very very wet. Pack water proof shoes and a water proof jacket. Gloves, scarf, and a cap that will keep your head warm.

Or if you have ample means you can buy everything in Copenhagen and regard it as a souvenir :-)

We have a heat wave at the moment, but I don't expect it to last until December.

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Have you looked on a map and noticed Copenhagen lays parallel with Edmonton in Canada.., expect mild days with a few warm ones dropping into cold then wet.

A few windbreakers, a few waterproof parkas and a few insulated jackets. Sweaters, gonna need a bunch of sweaters with a big dose of scarves. Footwear bring three and buy another pair while over there.

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And don't pay any attention to the person here saying bring three of everything. :(
One really good wind and waterproof jacket with a hood, that has a zip in/out lining that also doubles as an extra lighter jacket, you can add for cold days.
A good pair of boots that you can spray to waterproof, and also walk in.
A fleece hat, a warm scarf and gloves, for cold days.
The rest is layers you can wear for warm and cool countries.
Wear one layer for warm weather, wear them all when it's cold.
Don't buy anything there in the clothes dep't; as you will be horrified at the prices.
You can do laundry, so you can pack light.
And lucky you, living in Denmark for 4 months!!

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Pack light?....the OP will be living in Copenhagen for 4-months, gonna wear one pair of boots the entire time? Based upon your recommendation, how often is the OP going to do the laundry? Nobody is saying bring the kitchen sink or, pack a steamer trunk but, can they bring some nicer clothes for going out in the evening? I would imagine the OP is going to be socializing and meeting people in their down time.

Buying clothes overseas is one of the joys of living abroad, not to mention a usable souvenir to bring back; finding a H&M or, Zara shouldn't be too hard.

To the OP, for warmer conditions, head South of the Alps... plenty of low-cost options for a getaway weekend. A messenger style bag or, backpack should do for those getaways.