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Orange tickets for Denmark trains

I know that booking an orange ticket is a way to get a substantial discount on rail travel in Denmark. They're limited in availability, and therefore the best chance of getting one is to book as far in advance as possible, and they're useable only for the specific departure time chosen. Refunds and modifications aren't allowed. I have read online,in two places (including the website The Man in Seat 61) that the orange ticket in Denmark includes a seat reservation. However, when I was trying to book a rail journey just now, after I chose the orange ticket price, this message popped up:

"Buy a seat reservation if you want to be sure to be seated the whole trip. There are often many travelers on the popular departures between the regions."

Maybe that's a message that pops up after any ticket category is chosen, but should be ignored if you're doing an orange ticket? The seat reservation adds 30 dkk to the ticket price. I do want to be guaranteed a seat, but if I add the reservation, have I wasted money, because the orange ticket would have included it?

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I'm afraid you've read some outdated information.
Orange tickets doesn't include a seat reservation anymore. I think it's about 2 years ago they changed it.
So if you want to be sure to have a seat, you have to pay 30 DKK extra for the seat reservation.