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Need some tips for my Denmark trip

I've been interested in this lifestyle for many, many years. But have finally found the courage to start exploring it more.

I am going to Copenhagen in a week and are looking for the best places to go naked: spas. saunas, beaches, indoor swimming. Whatever. I want to explore this lifestyle too the fullest and want to try anything. I will stay at a hotel near the city-centre.Which are the "Dont miss" places to go when you are a nudist visiting Denmark but still don't have the courage to just go "fully nude" at a ordinary beach. Since from what i understand that is legal right?

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There was some nude sunbathing at Hornbaek beach on the northern end of Zealand. It was generally a family beach and the few I noticed found a private place a little off the beaten path. It was pretty low key. We reached the beach by taking a train to Helsingor, then a "private train", also covered by our Copenhagen card, further north to Hornbaek.

I haven't been to a spa in Denmark. In Germany, spas want bathing suits in the pools and no bathing suits in the saunas. I believe it's a general rule. It might be the same for Denmark. I studied a lot of German language; we also learned about the culture. Germans, and I think it's also true of Scandinavians, don't consider all nudity to be prurient in the same way we do. I'd be somewhat surprised if they even have "nude" beaches since you can usually go nude if you want.