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Need help with an 8-days-in-Denmark itinerary

I am trying to put together an impromptu trip to Denmark in October. I will have 8 nights and am interested in seeing and /or staying in Copenhagen, Rosskilde, Odense, and Arhus. I'm also interested in Helsingor.

Is this itinerary doable in what is barely more than a week? For Rosskilde and Odense, is it smarter to stay in Copenhagen and do those as day trips from the city?

If I did a circuit from Copenhagen, is it realistic to train all of this and then ferry back from Arhus to Copenhagen, or is that a time-waster and is it smarter to backtrack along the train route?

After Copenhagen, should I rent a car to do this or am I smarter to stick to the train?

As for travel recommendations, my wife and I are more interested in traditional cultural and historical sites rather than night-life and restaurants, so if my wish-list itinerary seems unrealistic, any alternatives along those lines would be very helpful.

thanks in advance everyone,


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I can help with a few items.

Eight nights seems ok for your plans. Roskilde is an easy daytrip by train from Copenhagen. The town itself is not all that great in my opinion; so it's not worth staying overnight anyway. But the cathedral and Viking Ship Museum are well worth the visit. Helsingor is also an easy daytrip by train. Much more quaint town worth exploring around, plus the castle. If you like art, especially modern art, stopping at the Louisiana Museum on the way back is worthwhile. You can take a bus from the Helsingor train station along the coast, very pretty, and get off at the museum. It's a 15-20 minute walk from the museum to the train station and then easy back into Copenhagen.

Hillerod is another popular daytrip (by train) destination. I haven't been there but it's known for Frederiksborg Castle.

Have not been to Arhus or Odense.

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Thanks everybody, these are great suggestions. Rosskilde and Odense are definites, and Arhus is looking like a strong possibility,


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We just returned form two weeks in Scandinavia. Four nights in Copenhagen and one in Aarhus.

I loved Aarhus - the open air museum was a highlight, as was Moellestien. Took RS advice on stay at Villa Provence. Worth one full day at least.

We took the one hour train ride to Helsingor from Copenhagen and spent about five hours - I highly recommend it. Nice old town feel and charm, and Kronborg castle was awesome - a must see - the best castle in Denmark IMO.

We stopped in Odense on the way to Aarhus and toured HC's birthplace - it is worth your time. If I hade more time we'd have gone to Aero and Roskilde too - next time!