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Need all the advice, CPH to Malmo to Norway with our baby.

Hi. We are traveling with our baby this summer, she'll be 11 mo. She has traveled with us in the states by car (14 hours one way and ten days in two diff hotels) and did great.

I know nothing about Scandinavian areas except that I will get to see my cousin in Malmo who moved there 7 years ago. I got to plan the last EU trip pre baby so my husband's turn and this is where he wanted to go. Can you help me with some highlights? Obviously, this will be a laid back trip but any advice will be great. I'm sure my husband has somethings planned but I would like to start researching areas. This is what our trip looks like so far.

Fly into Copenhagen direct from the states!!! Arrive around 3pm on a Wed and find a hotel for the night. Any ADVICE for hotels? 150 to 300. We need it to be safe, clean and probably near eateries, stores etc. Maybe chose one thing to see in Copenhagen(tours etc).

Option 1
Day 1 to 3: The next day(Thurs) we will probably get a train to Malmo to see my cousin so don't really need any advice about Malmo. Not sure we will stay more than a day or two.

Day 4: Saturday. Next we will figure out how to get from Malmo to Norway. ADVICE? I saw that there was a ferry boat from Copenhagen to Oslo with rooms that might be fun. My cousin suggested taking the train back to CPH and flying to Oslo. We are flying out of Oslo so we can really start at any point as long as we end up in Oslo.

Sunday. First day in Norway. We have 9 days. Seems like a lot now that I am writing it down. Would love to hear your suggestions. My husband has Rick's Norway book and I am just starting to read about the area.

Option 2:
Do you think we should spend a couple of days in Copenhagen?
Maybe Wed to Friday take the train to Malmo stay with my cousin Friday to Monday then head to Norway? I would love to go straight there but my cousin will be returning from their Croatia vacation the day we arrive so wanted to give them time to settle in.
I don't know much about Denmark but since we will be there, maybe spend a day or two.

The trip has to start in Copenhagen, has to include a couple of days in Malmo to visit family and has to be mostly Norway sight seeing ending us in Oslo.

Would love any advice and in the mean time, I will be reading all the great suggestions.

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How many days(or nights) do you have in total?
I would recommend spending at least a couple of days in Copenhagen.
Instead if going straight to Oslo, you could fly from Copenhagen to Bergen, spend a couple of days exploring the western fjords and take the Norway in a Nutshell train combo to Oslo and end the trip there.

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After flying into CPH, take their metro downtown to changes in station. A block from the train station is Hotel Absalon which has been completely redone. It has the most incredible breakfast we have ever experienced. And it is also a stone's throw from the Tivoli.
I like the idea of flying over to Norway as it is just an hour or so. You could start at Oslo or in the West at Bergen and work your way back to Oslo.

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I would recommend spending at least a day or two in Copenhagen before heading up to Norway. Look at some things about it. It's a nice city.

The ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo is on a line called DFDS. It's an overnight ferry on a large boat/ship. You can book your cabin now and you might want to book this early, if you choose this option. The journey is about 17 hours, but it's overnight so you sleep for part of it. Plus you can have a cabin with beds and a shower.

Or you could fly from Copenhagen to Bergen (on the west coast of Norway)...spend a day (or 2) in Bergen then head on the "Norway in a Nutshell" route heading east to end up in Oslo. Rick's book has extensive details about Norway in a Nutshell and how to book the various legs of that journey. This journey will enable you to see some of the countryside of Norway, especially some fjords. Having a little one in tow might make you want to spend two days on this Norway in a Nutshell journey, instead of plugging through all in one day. It's doable in one LONG day. We're doing this NIN journey this summer and breaking it up, by a night in Flam so we can stop and do some hiking near Flam. Flam is a pretty good mid point on this journey.

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Thank You for your time and replies. We have decided to spend two nights in Copenhagen before heading to Malmo. Then we will return to Copenhagen and take the late only direct flight to Bergen and spend a couple of days there and do a NIN that my husband is planning and ending in Oslo.

Is there a particular part of town we should stay in? I found an airbnb by Tivoli Gardens but some of the reviews have it as noisy because it is a bar but the location is great. I will look into the above mention hotel.

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There is no particular areas to stay in or to avoid, as long a sit is fairly central. Note that the area west of the central station can be a bit on the seedy side. It is not unsafe, but things are not always pretty to look at. It also happens to be where many of the budget friendly hotels are, like the one David suggests. I would focus more on finding a place that is most accommodating for your baby than exact location. Regarding the AirBnB near Tivoli, that area can be noisy, but it depends on the exact place. What street is it on?
If you are staying in Malmø before your flight to Bergen, note that Copenhagen Airport is located right by the bridge that crosses to Sweden, so you can take a train directly from Malmø to the airport.

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We're staying at an AirBnB this summer. I haven't stayed here yet, but it's in the Vesterbro area and they have cribs for little ones and the reviews are good. I like to book AirBnBs that have "super hosts" because it makes me feel a little more secure. I did find looking for a place to stay in Copenhagen a little more difficult than other cities, for some reason. The hotels I found seemed more expensive so we started to look a little further out of the center and found more options. I spent some time researching on AirBnB and I feel comfortable with our find.
Have a great trip!