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Nature/Hikes/Beauty in vicinity of Copenhagen

Hey guys, planning a 10 day Denmark trip in July and will fly from LDN to Copenhagen. Planning on spending 4 days in the city and then my boyfriend and I really want to travel out and see some of the beautiful sights of Denmark, but we don't know where to start! Where have people visited or where do people recommend that is easily accesible from Copenhagen?

We could hire a car, but I feel public transport may be better. We just want to see some beautiful sights but don't mind what! We were also planning on a day/2 day trip to Malmo too but want some nature inbetween.

We haven't booked flights yet so could probably travel north and fly back from north to the UK but copenhagen does seem to have the best flights price-wise.


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What kind of nature/scenery are you looking for? There is not a lot of impressive natural scenery close to Copenhagen, it's more of a nice place to stroll in the woods/ on the beach kind of scenery. The most impressive scenery in this part of Denmark is Møns Klint but it's a fairly long way from Copenhagen and not well served by public transport, so realistically you would need a car.
Closer to Copenhagen you have the Deer Park, and old Royal hunting ground. You can get there by train to Klampenborg.
The other, typical daytrips from Copenhagen are Roskilde, Helsingør and Frederiksborg Castle, all of which can be visited by trains.
Look up all public transport on

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Skip Malmö, it is not that interesting. Especially not for a 2 day trip. If you want to see Sweden, there are better places to visit. Lund, Helsingborg or Ystad are in my opinions the best.

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To Morten's list of day trips, I'd add the Louisiana Museum, which is easily accessed from Copenhagen by train and bus, and is in a beautiful natural setting. It's in the same direction out of Copenhagen as Helsingør, so these combine well.

If you're going to be doing a lot of day trips, look at the Copenhagen Card. It not only includes sights and transportation in the city itself, but the whole region, so if you're seeing a lot, it's a good deal.

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There are lots of nature scenery in Jutland. And I am sure you can find cheap flights from Billund.