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Lesser known suggestions for activities in Copenhagen

Hi All,

We just booked our flights to Europe and we are starting off with two full days in CPH, with solid half days on both ends.

We will be staying in Christiana, and plan to go to Tivoli Gardens.

Other than that, we are ready to fill in the blanks.

What should I know about CPH and things to eat and do there they might not be so obviously found in guidebooks?



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We spent three nights (two full days) in Copenhagen this past January (Tivoli was closed). The Rick Steves "Copenhagen & the Best of Denmark" guide book was well worth the price. We especially enjoyed:

▲▲▲ National Museum History of Danish civilization with tourable 19th-century Victorian Apartment.
▲▲▲ Rosenborg Castle and Treasury Renaissance castle of larger-than-life "warrior king" Christian IV.

Harbor boat tour an easy way to see the Mermaid and more. (Steves recommendations about $ saving on the tour provider were right on.)

I should note that the above doesn't address your query about things not in a guide book. For that you just need to walking about town looking for hidden gems and and checking out the various versions of wienerbrød. For example, stroll down Istegade and experience the less touristy section of Copenhagen.

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Go to Copenhagen Street Food - you'll be right near it if you are staying in Christiania. It's a big building filled with tons of food vendors and a few bars too. They have a great patio where you can hang outside, it's right on the water. Awesome time.

If you are near Rosenborg Castle, go to Torvehallerne, which is another type of food market, but a bit more refined than Street Food. Great place for lunch or even to grab a wienerbrod or other pastry for breakfast.

Take a half day trip to Roskilde, which is a 20 minute train ride from Copenhagen. See the Cathedral (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Viking Ship Museum (which is awesome). It's also a pleasant small city/town.

I second the suggestion of the National Museum - we found it fascinating, and it's free.

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I can only second was has already been suggested.
Do a harbour boat tour as Edgar suggests, the cheap provider is called Nettobådene (Netto boats).
Edgar to be fair, Christian the 4th was a terrible Warrior King, he lost half the country to the Swedes. However is responisble for most of the old buildings in Copenhagen, including Rosenborg, the Round Tower and the Stock Exchange, so he's got that going for him.

Steves suggestion of Copenhagen Street Food is spot on, it's a great place. It's located in an old paper storage facility, called paper island (papirøen). Torvehallerne is more upscale, but equally nice.

Since you are staying in Christiania, try one of their guided tours of the Freetown.

If you have something more specific in mind, other than, 'lesser know' sights, feel free to ask.

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You should also check out the NY Times 36 hours article:

36 Hours in Copenhagen By Fritzie Andrade, Max Cantor, Chris
Carmichael and Aaron Wolfe | Oct. 1, 2014 | 5:39 Copenhagen, the
standard-bearer for both design and New Nordic cuisine, offers other
creative endeavors, from enticing shops to cozy bars.

While the article heavy on the night activities, it has a lot of interesting things to do.
Interesting video includes segment on the open market.