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I will be traveling with my 9 year old grandson in early June. He is a Lego-head. I would like to surprise him with a day trip to Legoland. Can anyone give me recommendations on the best way to get there from Copenhagen? Also, if you have been, can you suggest how much time I should allot? Any other suggestions, comments would be welcomed.

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Trains run every hour with a travel time of 2 or 2.5 hours to Vejle station. Then switch to bus # 43, 143, 166, or 179 to Billund, allowing another hour. I'm sure your grandson will want to stay all day, since there are also Lego-building areas where a kid could sit and play for hours.

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I hope both of you understand that it's an amusement park much like any other except everything looks like it's made of lego bricks.

The area where you can build stuff only has the kind of medium-sixed bricks and is rather small. My four year old granddaughter has just about outgrown them. Her six year old brother won't touch them since he plays with the more intricate smaller ones. They're both fanatics.

It must have six or seven themed areas. You couldn't do all of the rides in one day, much less see the movies, mess with the interactive stuff (which looks like it's made of lego bricks), and look at all of the models (which you might enjoy but he wouldn't know what they represent).