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Itinerary and transport of 3 wks in Northen Europe...

we, a couple in their 50s, are travelling to Northen Europe for about 3 weeks June/July next year. We are starting to plan the trip so that we can organize the airfares, hotels et al in advance (we might be considered overly organised haha).

We are thinking of Denmark-Sweden-Finland-Noway and St Petersburg if possible. It seems a bit tricky to obtain a visa to Russia if not via cruise/ferry. The reviews on those 2 night/3 day St Petersburg cruise package aren't promising.

We welcome suggestions/advice as how to spend the 3 weeks in terms of itinerary and transport mode. We both like natural views, history and culture and are fit to walk .

Thank you very much in advance

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First of all 3 weeks is not a lot of time to cover all four countries and St Petersburg, so you need to make some priorities. Generally speaking the Best natural views are found in western Norway, whereas the best cultural offers are found in the capitals, but of course this is all relative depending on your particular interests. Do some more research and see what appeals to you, then you can ask more specific questions and get better answers from this forum.
Transporation wise all the countries have great public transportation. The national railways for Denmark is, for Sweden it’s and Norway it’s
The major cities are well connected with cheap flights, but trains can be just as competitive.
There is also ferry options between Denmark and Norway and between Stockholm and Helsinki.