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Is The Copenhagen Card Worth The Cost?

I will be in Copenhagen for four days before I take my cruise.

I love the idea of the Copenhagen Card but is it worth the $62 a day?

I like taking my time and I probably will visit two paid attractions a day spending additional time at some of the free attractions.

For those in the know or for those who have used a Copenhagen Card, do you feel it is worth the $62 a day cost?

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Like any similar card you need to figure out your plans and what it will cost you for fees and transport ( since that is included on this card) if you paid individually. If that's more than the card then it's worth it. I seldom find cards like this useful as you need to do more paid attractions than I have time and energy for.

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It comes down to which attractions you're going to visit, and how many days you're paying for the card (e.g. a 72-hour Copenhagen Card is 111 USD, while a 24-hour card is 64 USD). The only way to know is to plan what you want to see and compare the price of admission + transportation to the cost of the Copenhagen Card. The Copenhagen Card is also a convenience - and how much we're willing to pay for convenience varies a lot from person to person.
There's also a much higher chance that the 72/120-hour versions will make financial sense for you, because of the lower per-day cost.

If you are going to visit an average of 2 paid attractions per day outside Copenhagen, the Copenhagen Card would likely be a good deal for you, because you'd otherwise spend a lot of money on transportation. If you're going to spend all your time in the city centre, where you will need little or no public transportation (unless you're staying outside the city?) the Copenhagen Card would probably be an expensive solution.

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The 3 day card is worth the money if you are going to out of town places like Roskilde and Frederiksborg Palace (discount only at Viking ship place).

It’s very convenient to be able to hop on trains and metro at will.

Those arriving by air can buy it at the airport TA, but for cruise arrivals you’ll have to buy in the city somewhere.

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I had the Copenhagen card for my visit several summers ago and found it, personally, a good value. It is especially useful as a transit card as well as museum entry. The only specific thing I'd add to the above good advice is to not only do the math for the attractions you are interested, but take note of their opening and closing times. Even if one is willing to double or even triple up on sites, sometimes their hours are not conducive to this. I found this especially the case last summer with the Stockholm card (especially now that it is de-coupled from the transit pass). Even though I was willing to scramble; some of the sites I was interested in were so far from the center or closed so early (and this was in summer) that it simply didn't work.


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Thank you all for the interesting and thoughtful responses. Each of you has given me some food for thought and I will eventually let you know what I have decided.

I thought that it would be so easy but ... famous last words.

I have thousands of miles with Southwest Airlines which does not fly to Europe but Southwest allows members to use miles to redeem for hotels, cars, insurance, gift cards, etc even when you are not flying them.

I had already checked and I was going to be able to get a Copenhagen Card using my Southwest Miles. Other options included Hop On Hop Off buses or entrances to places like Tivoli. I had been keeping my eye on the options offered all over the world through Southwest.

Friday, I decided that it was time to get serious. I went to My Rapid Rewards and clicked on "Experiences" and Copenhagen is no longer available as an option. There are only a very few cities available to redeem miles for "Experiences" and all of them are in The United States.

It could be maintenance or updating or a glitch. I can call but i have to wait until Monday.

I could book a hotel in Copenhagen using my miles but I have a great deal on a hotel already.

I may have to wait and use my miles to fly Southwest to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Disneyworld, The Caribbean, Mexico or book a cruise. Not bad.

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The 24 hour card is really only 12 hours unless you find some attractions that are open all night. The time on the card begins to expire at the first use. For example if you buy the card and start the clock ticking at your first attraction at 10 am your time is up at 10 am the next day. I suppose one could rush through all the attractions in the first day but that doesn't seem like very much fun.
The Danish National Museum which is wonderful needs an hour or so at least, just as an example.
I bought the card last year and regretted it.

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Well, I called Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards and they are revamping the "experiences" in international cities. There may be some experiences available in Copenhagen that I can buy with rewards within the next month and I was told to keep checking back.

I agree that I may not get value with the Copenhagen Card. When I go to some museums, I spend 2 or 3 hours. I probably will go to two or three attractions each day but the convenience of The Copenhagen card is very valuable.

I am also looking at the different hop on and hop off buses as well as the Large City Pass offered by the public transportation system.

There are a lot of options available. Some of the attractions that I want to go to are free.

Tivoli is a must see for me as well as Louisiana.

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I spent 3 hours in the Danish National Museum! Tivoli is open until 11 pm and 12 pm on weekends. The Louisiana art is wonderful and is also is on a route that would work in going to Kronborg Castle is probably the most famous Danish castle, known worldwide from Shakespeare's Hamlet. The castle visit was one of the best experiences I had in Copenhagen.

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Last summer we bought the 72 hr pass (were there 4 days). We came out a little ahead financially but, as others have mentioned, the convenience was also worth something. We just did whatever we felt like. We also really enjoyed Tivoli and the National Museum - and, since I love castles, Rosenborg.

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I will be doing most of my sightseeing on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I plan to go to Tivoli on Friday evening and it will be the last Friday before Tivoli closes for some of the season.

I hope to get to Louisiana and Hamlet's Castle along with the National Museum. It is among my desires but I do not plan to overdo the sightseeing.

My trip is fully booked and now, I am just using my time to get familiar with Copenhagen.