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In Copenhagen for less than 2 days

We arrive in Copenhagen at about 1 pm after (a brutal) flight from U.S. on 16.08.22. We depart on 19.08.22 for 2 weeks in the Czech Republic at 07:45 so not much time in Denmark... but the flight was CHEAP!

It is my understanding that the metro is the best way to get into the city. My question is where should we stay (without spending more than $150 per night) and at a minimum what should we do?

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We stayed in this hostel. I got prior approval from my wife to stay in a hostel. I only booked 1 night because I was certain she was going to say hostel??? I thought you said hotel!!! After our 1 night there she said she would have stayed all our nights there.

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Staying at one of the Cabinn Hotels is a good bet if budget is a concern. Their motto is "all you need to sleep" and that's exactly what you get. If you lived in a dorm room in university the rooms here will bring back memories. We stayed at the one in Aarhus and I liked it, surprisingly comfortable bed for a budget hotel. We stayed at Ibsens in Copenhagen which was great but more than $150.