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How to pack for a summer Denmark - Norway visit?


Our family will be in Denmark at the very end of July and start of August. We like to pack as light as possible and will not be checking any bags. Yes, we typically do laundry on vacation! I've done some research on weather but still unclear what items to pack, s pecifically clothing. We live in New England so have clothing for all 4 seasons,. What are your must haves if packing to go to Denmark? We are then travelling on to Norway after but I assume weather may be similar there?


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Weather is very variable in the far north. I'd be taking clothes that are appropriate for 50 degrees to 85 degrees.

But you especially want to be prepared for rain. It can come at any time--especially toward the end of August.

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I haven't been to Denmark since 1972. This is my twelfth day in Norway; I've been no farther north than Oslo, Flam and Bergen, and I haven't been at altitude. Daily high temperatures have ranged from 12C/54F to 30C/86F, and I'm sure it could have been both colder and hotter. I don't know how low the temperature got at night. You need to be prepared for a wide temperature range as well as for rain. The weather forecast for just about every day has shown the possibility of rain. Bergen in particular is a very, very rainy city--possibly the wettest in Europe. Bergen has a lot of cobblestones, so it's important to have footwear with grippy soles that will be suitable on uneven surfaces in the rain.

I'm cold-natured. I have worn lightweight merino wool long johns under my 97% nylon slacks, a fleece jacket and a wind/rain jacket on the chilliest days. I didn't quite need my fleece gloves, but it was getting close. I have been very glad to have lightweight slacks and a thin cotton blouse on two hot days. Summer dresses would have been fine (lots of women wearing those), but I don't travel with skirts or dresses because I'm always wearing dorky, athletic shoes.

On cool days, I think layers will be especially important if you want to sit or stand on deck during a ferry trip. It's usually quite breezy on the water. The Flam-Gudvangen ferry segment of the Norway in a Nutshell route lasts two hours.

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You have recieved some good advice, but where in Norway? While the weather in southern Norway might be similar to Denmark, further north it might be very different.

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If you're going on a fjord cruise it will be very cold if you want to stay on the top deck while it is heading out. I was in Bergen when it was hot enough that I went swimming in the coastal waters but (thankfully after getting the advice to do so from the TI when buying a fjord cruise ticket) wore almost all of my clothes for the cruise.

Id bring a light sweater, a light rain coat, and one of those small packable down coats like the ones Uniqlo sells

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Thanks for all the great responses! We will be in Southern Norway and from what I'm reading sounds like we will probably experience what I refer to as a "New England Spring" which is one day cold, damp 50's and another day in the 80's. I am often cold so this info was helpful, many thanks!

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The time you will be there is probably the most reliably good weather you can get in Scandinavia. I expect your weather will be really nice. It's possible to have a cold or wet day mixed in, so you've received good advice to be prepared for it, but don't forget to bring clothes for nice weather too.

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We spent 4 days in Copenhagen and 7 in Bergen, Flam and Oslo in mid to late June. We all had light rain jackets, long pants but not shorts, short and long sleeved tops, light sweaters. We were prepared for everything but a chilly rainy day in Bergen when I bought wool gloves because I had taken mine out of the suitcase at last minute. Our rain jackets had hoods, and we didn’t need hats except for sun hats. Some light wool socks came in handy a couple of days. But I didn’t pack and didn’t need a down vest or down jacket. The ferry ride was breezy but certainly not cold. I’d say don’t overpack the cold weather gear. Count on layering up if you get a chilly day. I was glad a couple of days in Oslo in late June to have short sleeved shirts and light weight pants.