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How to get to Mons Klint

We are in Copenhagen for a week and would like to visit Mons Klint. We read that we can’t get there by train and we don’t have a car. Does anyone have suggestions on how we might get there? I am even wondering if there is a tour that might take us there. Or bus? Thank you.

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In the summer there is also a bus around Møn that can take you there. Another option is http://magicalmø and see if they can arrange a tour. If those options fail there is always the possibility of taking a taxi from Stege.

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Just as heads up for all fans of white ciffs:
Besides wonderful Møns Klint also German Rügen island has white cliffs and a new highlight with Skywalk Königsstuhl.

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thanks to those of you who responded. We were able to book a tour with World Tours, but then my husband came down with a nasty cold and we had to cancel. We were unable to reschedule in the time we had left. So, we didn't get to see Mons Klint, but greatly enjoyed the rest of our time in Denmark!