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Help with Itinerary for Family of Five in Copenhagen 8 Days

Hi! I've posted one other time but now I feel like I have a better handle on our options and am looking for any specific input about an 8-day itinerary in and around Copenhagen for a family of five--our three kids our 13 (boy), 10 (girl), and 7 (girl). We'll be there from May 23 - May 31. We are planning to rent a VRBO to keep costs down, and are trying to decide whether to split our time between Copenhagen and Stockholm, Copenhagen and a quick couple of days for Norway in a Nutshell, or try to squeeze in all three (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Norway in a Nutshell). Had we been thinking at all when we purchased flights, we would have flown into Copenhagen and out of Stockholm, but we blew it on that and changing now would cost more than our original tickets, so we're stuck coming and going from Copenhagen. With that in mind, does anyone have specific recommendations in terms of how many days in each place, whether we'd be better served sticking in and around Copenhagen w/some day trips added in or trying to see more? Our kids are pretty good travelers and we've considered night trains between Stockholm and Copenhagen, etc. so we don't lose so much sightseeing time traveling. In terms of what we like to do, museums, cool cultural and local experiences, outdoor adventures, art (mostly me--mom), history, a bit of everything! Finally, thoughts on renting a car vs. relying entirely on public transit?

Thanks so much in advance! We've been to Europe multiple times but never to Scandinavia and never with the kids!

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You could actually spend 8 days just in Copenhagen with kids and never run out of things to do. You could get around by walking, by public transport, and by bike, and never have to rent a car. There are museums and cultural attractions galore, the food is excellent - and I have always found Danish cuisine to be kid-friendly: sausages, big pretzels, smorrebrod, pastries...

Top dog, of course, is Tivoli, which is SPLENDID and amazing. It's an entire day out, no problem. Excellent food (lots of choices for price point, too), delightful rides, little duck houses in the little ponds, plus outdoor entertainment for free, historical theatres, and good beer for the 'rents.

The Frilandsmusee is wonderful as well, and is also an entire day. Kids under 18 get in for free! This summer they're featuring all things Hans Christian Andersen, and there are many historical displays, opportunities to eat things, farm animals, cart rides, etc., etc. Great place, really fun, and the kids can run off a lot of energy.

But here are more attractions: both -and- give great lists of options.

I'd hit Roskilde on a day trip. The cathedral is spooky and Goth, with lots of winged skulls, etc., and the graves of every Danish king and queen (or almost every, I forget...). Also in Roskilde is the Viking Ship Museum, which will blow the tops of their little heads off - so cool!

If you elect to go to Stockholm, the Man in Seat 61 has explicit instructions for sleeper train/ferry to Stockholm (beware new border restrictions in Sweden!):

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Thanks for the tips and assurance that we can easily occupy 8 days in Copenhagen. Now we are feeling really torn about trying to squeeze in a visit to Stockholm or adding the Norway in a Nutshell, just to maximize a bit on destinations since we'll probably return and do a Baltic cruise eventually but not sure when, if ever, we'll be back that way with our kids. Because we initially thought we'd spend a few days in Stockholm, we pitched the Astrid Lindgren/Pippi Longstoncking park to our kids and they are deeply disappointed at the idea of skipping it. Any chance anyone has been there and has thoughts one way or another on whether it's worth the journey to Stockholm and back (and skipping a Norway in a Nutshell visit) to visit Vimmerly and maybe have a day or so in Stockholm? Thanks!

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I haven't been there myself, but as far as I can see on a map Astrid Lindgrens world is almost in the middle between Copenhagen and Stockholm. By train it is 5 hours from Copenhagen so you could make it as a two day trip, but it is a long journey and I think it will be expensive :-(

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I did the Norway in a Nutshell over a long weekend (left Friday morning, returned Monday afternoon) - flight and a full day and overnight in Bergen (Friday), first half of NIN with overnight in Flam (Saturday), second half NIN and long train ride to Stockholm (Sunday), Stockholm on Monday and return flight to Copenhagen. It was a whirlwind for two adults - I wouldn't personally try to do it any faster, especially with three kiddos. Since you only have 8 days total, it would take a lot of your time.

You can easily fill your time in and around Copenhagen. I second the suggestion earlier for the Roskilde Viking Museum, it's fantastic and geared to kids, plus the cathedral is lovely. It's easy one hour train ride from Copenhagen. A quick google of "kid friendly Copenhagen" generated a lot of ideas (LegoLand?). There is a boat tour of Copenhagen. Maybe rent bikes?

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Oh yes - as CL says, Legoland! It's not in Copenhagen, but Billund looks like a cute little town, and there's plenty to do besides Legoland. In fact, I have heard some people say that Legoland is easily a whole day, so they'd spend the night and see stuff in Billund itself the next day:

So there's your little side trip!