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Help planning Copenhagen trip!

Hi everyone,

We are going to Copenhagen for four days this summer, and I don't seem to be able to understand the layout of the city. Can someone intelligent put these places into groupings by location? And let me know if I left anything vital out!

Rosenborg Castle Tour
National Museum of Denmark
National Gallery of Denmark
Tivoli Gardens (entire day?)
Open Air Museum
Zoological Museum
Anemone Theater (has anyone done this ? I have an 8 YO)
Little Mermaid Statute
Christianborg Statue
Ice Bar ?
Gammel Strand ?
Vesterbro Square
City Hall ?

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Rosenborg, The National Gallery The National Museum, Tivoli, Christiansborg (which is the Parliament, not just a statue), Gammel Strand and the City Hall are all located in or near the city centre. (look up the precise locations on google maps).
The mermaid is by Langelinie Pier in the northern part of the city.
The Experimentarium is in Hellerup north of Copenhagen, The Open Air museum is in Lyngby north of Copenhagen and Louisiana is in Humlebæk also north of the city. All can be reached by public transport. Look up the schedules and travel times on
I don't know if you have left anything vital out, since I don't know you or your interests or why you have chosen the places on this list. For example why do you want to see Vesterbro Square? It has a few nice cafés, but It's really nothing special in my view.

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Also in Hellerup (north of Copenhagen). But easily reached by public transportation.

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Perhaps it would help you, if you printed a map of Copenhagen and then put in all the places you want to see. In other cities I have done this as a driving route on google maps, but I think that would be too messy with all your addresses.

Ice Bar ? This can easily be combined with Tivoli Gardens which has several.

Tivoli Gardens (entire day?) Only if you bring children.

Christianborg Statue As Morten mentioned, Christianborg is our parliament and I think there are guided tours. At least you can get up into the tower for a view of the city.

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We were in Copenhagen last year for four days and while we didn't cover the amount of ground you plan to we did get out of the city to make two trips, by rail to Helsingor Castle (Elinsore) and to Roskilde to the Cathedral and Viking Longboat museum.

In my view it's worth editing some of central Copenhagen to go to the Viking Longboat museum, which we thought was sensational. You can buy tickets for the train there by walking up at the station in Copenhagen from ticket machines which are 'manned' by helpful, English speaking guides/railway staff. (On the subject of English we found that nearly everybody spoke excellent English, in most cases rather better than our slovenly and accented version!).

My recollection is that the railway journey - I think to Helsingor but you'd need to check if my memory is correct! - has a stop where you can get off for the Louisiana museum.

The rest of the time in Copenhagen we walked and walked and walked. The trip from the airport is by train, a little like the London DLR - automatic, no driver - and again tickets are easy to get in the airport, also with friendly staff on hand to advise if you need it. The little mermaid is quite a long way out of the centre and we walked there in the evening - it will stay light until very late in summer (we were there in spring). This meant we missed all the coach parties that are obviously decanted there during the day for five minutes and were able to take our time and take photographs at leisure and largely unimpeded. Truth be told, the mermaid is situated just below the terminal where the cruise liners dock, so the views and area are not as postcard perfect as, say, Nyhaven in central Copenhagen. We found the city very walkable, but then again we have no problem walking miles every day.

We walked to the 'hippy commune' of Christiana and while I'm glad we saw it, I'd be in no hurry to dash back and we completely avoided Tivioli Gardens - there's what we thought was a hefty entrance fee and to all intents and purposes it looked like a giant funfair, which is not our thing. Maybe other forum readers can advise if we missed a delightful highlight!

Hope you have a great trip!


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a stop where you can get off for the Louisiana museum.

It's called "Humlebæk Station" :-)

Use (also exists as an app for your smartphone) to plan a trip.

And if you are staying more than a single day I suggest you get a Rejsekort. You can buy it in the airport and load money into it. It works much like the Oyster card in London, but our zone structure is different.

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I was just in Copenhagen in December.
Tivoli Gardens is not a garden, but indeed a giant funfair.
Worth about 2 hours max, and if you're not riding rides, then less time.
If you do go, go at night, when it's all lit up.
I second going to Roskilde, with the Cathedral and Viking Museum.
Visiting there was my best day; and the trains are so easy to use.
The Little Mermaid is a small statue on a rock. That's it.
I also loved the Danish Design Museum; well worth a few hours, and it has a good café.
There is no tour at Rosenborg Slot; you are given a great map, and work your own way round.
I think there might be an audioguide, but I didn't get one.
Stroget is a shopping mall street with many H &M stores, and other international brands.
Much better to go down the side streets instead to look at smaller local shops.
I second getting a map and planning that way.
It's a small city, and you can walk to most of the things you have in mind.

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With only 4 days in Copenhagen, you might consider Hamlet Tours Grand Day Trip around Copenhagen. They take you to Roskilde, Viking Ship Museum, Frederiksborg and Kronberg all in one day. It is a long day but worth it if you want to fit in all the sites in a short time. I would also recommend two lesser known museums. Thorvaldsen's museum is a treasure trove if you like classical sculpture. Amazing collection of statuary in a fitting building right near Christianborg. Also, very close to that is the Royal Danish Arsenal Museum - beautifully curated exhibits mostly pertaining to maritime military history.

ok, everyone, THANK YOU.

Here is my NEW PLAN based on your awesome help. Any adjustments?

Day 1 (arrival from Italy)- Experimentarium

Day 2 The Hamlet Grand Tour- includes the Viking Museum, Roskilde Castle, Frederiksborg Palace, and Kornborg Castle

Dat 3 Segway Tour in the morning (St. Nicholas Church, Look down at Stroeget, Old Latin Quarter, King’s New Square, Magasin Du Nord, The Royal Theater, Nyhavn, Inner Harbor Bridge, THe Standard, the Old Stock Exchange, the National Bank, Slosholmen, The Royal Library, Christansborg Palace, cozy Danish streets, the Little Mermaid, Amalienborg palace, the Citidel, The Opera House, St. Alban’s Church, The Royal Danish Playhouse, Geflon Fountain, Ofelia Square, Christianshawn) // LUNCH // National Museum of Denmark, National Gallery of Denmark, Open Air Museum (?)

Day 4 - Worker's Museum, Zoological Museum, Rosenborg Slot, see a show at Anemone Theater, private gondola ride