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Has anyone flown into Billund Airport from other countries in Europe?

I'm working on our itinerary, and will likely be coming from Amsterdam and want to go directly to Billund/Legoland. I initially was looking into flights from Amsterdam to Copenhagen and then train from Copenhagen to Billund. But I got to thinking perhaps it's easier to fly directly to Billund. Does anyone know anything about this airport or has done something similar. After a couple days in Billund we plan to take the train back to Copenhagen. Just trying to make our transportation as simple as possible. Thanks!

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Go to their website. It has decent descriptions of the airport and its services. According to their arrivals pages it appears that there are flights from Amsterdam.

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Haven't used it myself, but KLM flies from Amsterdam to Billund so it is certainly possible.

But with the current mess at Schiphol, the train might be faster…

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I’ve flown out of Billund. Small, well-organized airport. It is adjacent to Legoland because it was originally built for the company to transport goods. If flying makes the most sense for your itinerary, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Billund.