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Foreigner Credit Card Denmark to buy Train Ticket

DSB.DK the Danish train line does not accept credit cards without 3D security and verified. The US credit card companies do not offer these security features. How do you book trains in Denmark in advance?

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With your experience with DSB, If I call can I use some type of American credit or debit card to pay for my purchase or possibly even have them hold Orange tickets for me for pickup in the local currency?

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I was unable to use my capitalone credit card in Denmark or Sweden at the train kiosk machines. However, my capital one debit card with PIN worked perfectly. This was earlier this month.

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i have just bought tickets on with my credit cards round-trip from copenhagen to ronne on bornholm island, kobenhaven to odense and aarhus to copenhaven. i also bought a flixbus ticket from odense to aarhus. be sure and check the dates before you confirm the ticket. if you are a senior you cannot buy an orange ticket. you can only buy the orange ticket with an adult purchase. it is possible to get a refund but not for orange tickets. for flixbus you can buy it in euros or kroner. it is cheaper to buy it in euros. you can also save money on flixbus if you are a senior. to change the website to english, scroll down to the bottom of the dsb site and click the X in the white area to find the english tab. i hope this helps.