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Ferry from Oslo to Frederikshavn, how long to depart ferry?

I will be arriving in Frederikshavn, Denmark aboard the Stena Saga ferry from Oslo at 7:30am. I would like to take the direct train leaving at 9:30 to Aarhus. Will that be enough time to get to the train station? I'll take a taxi and only 5 minutes or so to get there. Do you have to go through customs/passport lines when entering Denmark? Or is this just taken care of when I board the ferry in Oslo?
Also, it will be a Sunday morning. Would a seated ticket be recommended as many departing ferry may take this train?
Thanks for the help :)

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Norway and Denmark are both in the Schengen area, so there shouldn't be Customs or passport control involved.

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Denmark and Norway are part of the Nordic Passport Union, so there are no passport control between the Nordic countries. You simply walk off the ships once it is docked, so 2 hours is more than enough, if there is an earlier train you should be able to catch that. You don't say at which time of year you plan to do this, but if it is in the summer month a seat reservation might be a good idea. Skagen north of Frederikshavn is a popular holiday destination and a lot of people might be taking the train home from holiday on a Sunday.

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Thanks for the information. I'll be traveling mid-August. I see there is construction messing with the trains to Aarhus also, so I'll just go with the flow :)