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Fastest Way To Aeroskobing From Bergen (Or Oslo)

Could anyone suggest the fastest travel route & mode to get from Bergen (or Oslo) to Aeroskobing quickly? We’re open to flying. My friend and I have 6 days. We would like to fly into Bergen or Oslo (to see the fjords/do the scenic Norway in a Nutshell train ride ), biking in Aeroskobing (spending a night) and at least one day/night in Copenhagen before flying home from there ...I know this is ambitious, but is it even doable in 6 days? If not, Bergen or Danish countryside? Do we start in Bergen & work our way East or Oslo to Bergen? I appreciate any suggestions as I would love to see both West Norway and quiet charming little Aero. Thank you!

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Fastest is relative, I don't think there is a fast way to get between the two. Most likely the fastest way is to fly from Bergen to Copenhagen. From Copenhagen it's a 5 hour trip by train and ferry to Ærøskøbing. you can look up all public transport in Denmark on
With only 6 days I think all that time spent getting from A to B is a waste of time.

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Thank you. Perhaps its time to refocus our itinerary and decide between West Norway and Danish countryside...ugh. Wish we had more time. Thanks again.