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Faroe Islands helicopter ride?

Hi! I'm going on a trip to the Faroe Islands and I'm really excited about it! I read about helicopter rides at the Faroes but since it is a government-subsidized public transport, tourists aren't supposed to take round trips on the helicopters. Instead tourists should take helicopter one-way and take a ferry back. I am absolutely fine with that... except, I can't seem to find a route where I could take the helicopter one way and ferry back to where I started. I found the helicopter schedule and ferry schedule but they don't seem to match up unless I misunderstood the schedules. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I'm looking at doing this on a Sunday in September.

Helicopter schedule
Ferry schedule



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I was in the Faroes in May. While I didn't take any of the helicopters, I can tell you that the public transit system, which includes ferries and helicopters, are geared more towards residents than tourist schedules. (Which is why the place is not overrun with tourists.)

The helicopters are really not meant for tourists unless you want to charter one or go to one of the outer islands. While many areas will link up the schedules for different types of transportation, the Faroes march to their own beat. And that's one of the reasons I like the place.

Where do you want to go and from where?

You might want to write to the tourist office for help. They are very nice and fluent in English.