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Farm stay/Home stay recommendation - What City?

We plan on going to Denmark for about 2 weeks starting Easter Sunday. We're 2 couple with a 2.5 year old and usually look for apartments that have full kitchens and laundry facilities.

I was thinking of spending 2/3 of the time in Copenhagen as a base and then somewhere less city like in a homestay or farmstay. I plan on booking a meal through Dine with the Danes to start off our trip. What neighborhood in Copenhagen is family friendly (safe but affordable)? Any recommendations on where to start looking for the rural experience? My son would be thrilled with seeing animals and the like. 2 weeks may sound like a long time in one country, but our lives are dictated by his afternoon naps so active site seeing time is limited.

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Regarding neighborhoods in Copenhagen, their are pretty much all safe and affordable. Copenhagen is quite small and has good public transport, so if I where you i would focus my seach on finding the right apartment for you and let the location be secondary. If you do find a suitable apartment, I would be happy to give you my insights to what the neighborhood is like.