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Exploring western Denmark

Hi all, my husband and I are planning a trip to Scandinavia this June and are including a rather out of the way part of Denmark in our adventure. His grandfather grew up in the town of Sonbjerg on Thyholm and it is important to us to make a stop there. From what I can tell public transit is harder to come by in this region, so we will be renting a car for this leg. Anyone have recommendations on places to stay in this region (just one night) or resturants we should check out? Thanks!

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You are right that a car might be the best option for this part of Denmark. For how long are you planning this leg of you trip to be and how does it fit into your overall route?
It has been a while since i have been to that area of Denmark, so my personal experience is limited, but have a look at the websites of the regional tourist boards in the area for accomodation and restaurants:
Visit Limfjorden, the area around the fjord that cuts across
the north of the Jutland peninsula and includes Thyholm.
Visit Thy, the area north of Thyholm
and Visit Denmark for all of Denmark

Also i assume the town you are talking about is Søndbjerg on Thyholm, it has a regional museum your husband might like, since his grandfather grew up there: