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Electrical Outlets in Denmark

Are European plugs (Type C) compatible to use in Denmark? From looking online, Denmark uses Type K.

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The Rick Steves Euro adaptor works. Two round pins 19 mm center to center. Difference is the grounding pin or lack of grounding pin.

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Yes, type C are comparible to use in Denmark. The only difference is that Type K plug has a grounding pin, but you can fit a type C plug in a Type K outlet.

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You can buy them at Wal Mart in the travel dept. Very inexpensive and it worked great.

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My husband and I were in Denmark on May 15. I bought the Rick Steves adaptor x 2 for us to use. Then on this forum someone recommended the Ceptics 3 in 1 adaptor because it provides 2 USB ports and one place for a plug. My husband used the Rick Steves adapters and I used the Ceptics 3 in 1 Type C adaptor and loved it. I plugged in my iPhone, iPad mini 4 in the USB ports and my Apple Watch in the outlet. That way with limited outlets I was good to go with power.

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Just to make sure since we have never traveled to this part of Europe, it is the two prong that we would use in Italy, France ect?

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The standard 2 prong Euro plug adapter, like the one sold in the RS store here online for $1, works in all of the European countries I have stayed at for low amperage applications like charging your cell phone. Those countries are:

Czech Republic

and probably all the others too.

The UK adaptor, also $1 in the RS store, works in the UK and Ireland for similar low power options.

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The Type C (Euro) plug is a close fit to the Swiss Type J socket. The Type C pins are the same spacing as the Swiss but the round pins tend to be slightly larger than the Swiss 4.0 mm sockets. We have pushed the Type C adaptor into the Swiss plugs, but as said, it's a tight fit. And of course, if you need a ground pin, the Swiss sockets are unique to Switzerland. Given the Swiss tourist trade, hotels (at least the ones we visited) offer loaner adapters (Type C and German Type F plug to Type J socket).