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During our 3 week visit are cell phones available to rent on a temporary basis?

We are very dependent on our Verizon cell phone but the roaming costs make it impractical to use in Denmark. We especially like our GPS. Is it possible to buy data on a rented phone and then return it for a refund of the deposit?

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My understanding is most Verizon phones are unlocked. Contact Verizon to determine if your phone is unlocked. If yes, then just buy a SIM card at a phone shop!un Denmark. Have staff adjust any phone settings as appropriate.

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I'm sure it's still possible to rent a phone, but it's gotten much less common, and if you do find one to rent it will be very expensive (the usage charges on rental phones tend to be very high).

Instead, people buy a local SIM card with data. I've read on this forum that Verizon phones have an unlocked SIM card slot, so you'll be able to use a Danish SIM; check with Verizon to make sure your phone is unlocked.

There are some posters here from Denmark who can further advise you on specific plans to buy, or if you want to research it yourself, you can start on Prepaid GSM, and click next to each "Prepaid Offer" to learn more: