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driving in Denmark

I am trying to get a clear understanding of what are the requirements for driving in Denmark and would love some confirmation.

I CAN use my U.S. Driver's license, correct?
Is insurance provided by the car rental company adequate? We purchased the additional coverage from Allianz that includes $75,000 in Rental Car Damage and Theft Protection.

Thanks for your help!

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You need your driving license AND half of the registration with you, but if you rent a car the rental company will give you a package with all the cars papers. And yes if the car is registered in Denmark the police will be able to see any information about it - probably down to when it was last serviced.

If you are between the ages of 16-25 you can buy a DSB “WildCard” for 185 DKK per year. This gives you discounts ranging from 25-50% on your tickets and an additional 10% discount in DSB’s shops. The card is well worth it if you do the trip Aarhus/CPH more than once in a year (or equivalent journeys). If you cannot produce a valid ticket in the trains in Denmark you will be fined 750 DKK.
Current registration is in two parts. To re-register the vehicle you need both parts. When driving abroad authorities recommend bringing part I with you (leave part II at home).
Source: Back side of registration papers. More you can check here: shaglevoojio

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While I don't think it's strictly relevant to the OP's question, I'll just comment on thrum-closure.02's post to help others avoid confusion.

The DSB WildCard was discontinued years ago. It's been replaced by a flat 25% discount when traveling on youth tickets for everyone 16 - 25 years old, no additional card required.