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Driving from Amsterdam to Copenhagen (April)

Hi folks, We're planning a trip for April 2016 and are looking to drive from Amsterdam to Copenhagen; I'm looking for tips, things to make sure to see etc. From my research, it looks like about a 9 hour drive. My thinking is to break this up into a 2 day drive with an overnight stay in Hamburg.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has made this drive before, particularly things to avoid / watch out for, and things to absolutely not miss along this journey. I'm not set on the specific route yet, but am currently thinking to come into Copenhagen via E20. If a different, more southerly route is recommended, great - let me know why!

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The shortest route into Copenhagen is via the Puttgarden-Rødby ferry, but the route via mainland Jutland does not take considerebly more time, because there are no ferries involved.
At the moment there are exstensive road works around the elb tunnel in Hamburg, wich causes heavy trafic jams. I don't now if this will continue till april, but expect delays here.
Depending on your route and your interests there are plenty of interesting places to stop along the way. I will focus on the area north of Hamburg, since thats more my home turf. If you go with the ferry, then Lübeck is very much worth a stopover. A more scenic stop could be the chalk clifs of Møns Klint It's an hours detour of your route each way.
If you take the mainland route you could stop in Schleswig and see the Hedeby Viking Museum if vikings are your thing. The town is also very pleasant.
There are plenty of other places that could be woth while to stop at, but without knowing your interests, it can be dificult to recommend more.