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CPH Layover 14 hours- advice needed


My husband and I have a layover in Copenhagen when we are returning from our honeymoon in Paris. We arrive on Jan 1 at 9:30 p.m. Our plane back is at 12:30 p.m. on January 2. We plan to check-in our luggage when we arrive and travel with only our small backpacks.

What can we do between 9:30 p.m. and 10 a.m.? I would love to have a fantastic Scandinavian breakfast somewhere, take a walk on the canal, and possibly see the Little Mermaid statue. Does anyone have any recommendations on HOW we can make this happen?

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You could get a hotel for the night by Nyhavn (plenty of places to eat around there) and get up early take a walk before you go to the airport

it is pretty easy to get to this area from the airport by taking the train

Here are your transport options

And you can walk to see the Little Mermaid from this area. This map will give you some idea

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Congrats on your wedding! It's easy to get to city from airport - the prior post has link with the options. It takes about 20 minutes to get to center of city from airport by train (easiest) or metro. Use this to plan the route. Super helpful staff at the transit ticket area in the airport - they'll make sure you buy right ticket and get on proper transport. I'd plan to arrive no less than 2 hours ahead for your return flight - security is a breeze but in the off chance it is not you should plan accordingly (you can have an awesome pastry at Lagkagehuset inside the airport).

I personally would not recommend the Little Mermaid - totally overrated IMHO (and usually quite crowded, though probably not on January 2). I'd focus on a centrally located hotel (near Central Station so you can get back to airport efficiently) and do a nice walk around there. It is going to be dark and dreary (likely) and no tourist sites will be open before 10 a.m. so you'll see the outside of things. But it is a beautiful city - worth a stroll around.

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1) use to plan your travel in Copenhagen.

2) Agree - skip the little mermaid.

3) It is actually easier to get to the airport from around Kgs. Nytorv/Nyhavn using the Metro.

4) January 2 is the first "normal" day after new year and all shops should be open. You won't have time for a boat trip in the harbor, but you can take a walk along the canal. I would use Google maps to find a route and estimate the time needed.