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Covid testing at Copenhagen Airport for US entry

I am traveling through Copenhagen back to the US in April. My flight was recently changed so that I no longer have a leisurely day in Copenhagen but instead only a quick overnight after arriving near midnight.

Are there options for covid testing at or near the airport in Copenhagen? The US entry requirement calls for a test within one day of travel.


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What is involved with the antigen test? I don't want to have the long swap inserted high up my nasal passage to the brain barrier. I'm looking for a less invasive C19 test option.

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I haven't used that specific test centre, in part because antigen tests used to be free in countless of public test facilities (the free antigen tests have been phased out a few weeks ago). I know the most common type of antigen test in Denmark is the type that goes just a few centimetres into the nose - so not the ones that "scrapes the brain barrier". You could contact Falck and ask what type they use, but my best guess is that they use the short non-evasive type (however that is just my guess).

Another alternative is getting a PCR test from one of the public test centres. It's free and you'll get a digital test result, but I'm not sure if that result certificate live up to international travel standards. You could ask them too, I'm sure the answer could be useful for others on this forum too. To use the free PCR test centres you'll need to register on (you can also find a FAQ and contact info on the website). Last week the waiting time for the free PCR test results were less than 12 hours for more than 50% of all tests and less than 24 hours for around 90% of all tests.

Yet another alternative is Copenhagen Medical:

You can probably find a few more test providers if you google around a bit.