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Covid in Denmark

I’m leaving next week for 2 weeks in Stockholm, Billund, Aarhus and Copenhagen. Just saw a map that showed Denmark had the highest rate of the new variant in the world! Would like to hear experiences from recent travelers. I am planning to wear a mask on public transportation and in crowded places. Is that enough? I am immunocompromised and careful.

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It may not be enough so be prepared to possibly get it and have a plan. Very few people will be masked. I got Covid probably on a train in France in May surrounded by lots of folks coughing and blowing their noses. I was masked (well fitted N95) but none of the symptomatic folks were.

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Two of us spent 8 nights in Copenhagen and surrounds in June, then returned in mid-July for 4 nights, 2023. Flew on Copenhagen based planes back and forth to the US and two flights within Europe. Rode train across Funen Island and metro and train within Copenhagen area extensively. No covid for either of us. Likewise, no cold, no cough, no sore throat, no stomach upsets. We did not wear masks at any point of our month long travels

You are likely to be the only person wearing a mask on public transport or crowded places.

Denmark and Scandinavia did not follow US protocols or the type of protocols put in place across much of Europe during the initial outbreak and spread in 2020. Google that if you want the history which undoubetly impacts the present attitudes. I am not aware of any animosity to mask wearers, but there isn't the concern you might find in some areas of the US.

Not to be snide, I am sympathetic, but if you are concerned due to your immunocompromised status, I would not travel anywhere. With great health, I contracted a severe sinus infection when I emerged last year and returned to Europe. I have never had such a bad respiratory condition - not Covid, I tested multiple times. My MD said that 2 years of masks and no exposures to anything during that time probably made me susceptible to the infection. I haven't been sick since, nor had I ever been that sick on many years of previous European and Asian travel.

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Recently in the news here in Ireland the same as much of Europe basically the relevant authorities are monitoring the situation but there’s no signs of it being dangerous or no need to reinforce mask mandates if you are immunocompromised you need to take precautions as you seem fit, I’ve had Covid 7 times in the 3 years so it’s still spreading but it’s potency is no worse than hay fever as long as you have had your vaccination

I’m making a short story long here but basically no one cares about Covid anymore in any of the parts of Europe I’ve been to

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Please speak with your PCP for guidance and possible having paxlovid with you if he or she thinks it’s wise to do so. Also, who cares if you are the only person wearing a mask!

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Wear a mask like you did in 2020, stay outdoors as much as possible for meals, and avoid crowds in poorly ventilated interiors. That's the best you're gonna do...good luck.

We spent 3 weeks in Paris in May, did all of the above, and nobody got sick. But there was less virus of any sort "circulating" then, things have changed a lot in the last month or so, so who knows? If I were immunocompromised, I would not have gone to Paris in May, but that is for you to decide.

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Oh, I definitely agree with Diane's "who cares if you are the only one with a mask"! I was just trying to indicate my observations of the "landscape"!

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Check that your travel insurance covers you for a possible extended stay, change of flights, etc.
Take extra supplies such as meds etc, with you in case you have to stay an extra two weeks.
Pack some home Covid tests along too, that way you can test first to find out what it is before looking for a clinic or doctor.