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Copenhagen with a Car and Danish Hidden Gems

Hi everyone,

I am planning a family vacation to Denmark.

Do you guys have advice on driving a rental from the airport to Copenhagen city centre hotel.

I plan on walking or bicycling in Copenhagen.

And using the vehicle to do a day trip to Malmo, and driving to the next city / towns in Denmark.

Thanks and have a great day,


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Do you guys have advice on driving a rental from the airport to
Copenhagen city centre hotel.

Yes: Don't. Take the train or metro.

And using the vehicle to do a day trip to Malmo, and driving to the
next city / towns in Denmark.

Without knowing your plan, those trips are probably better done by train. And in any case, the stress of driving in Copenhagen combined with paying the rental cost and parking for a car to sit and collect dust seems like a bad idea.

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I agree - public transportation would be much easier in that area rather than driving. Malmo is easy to reach by train and you won't have to deal with driving in Copenhagen.

If you really feel like you need a car, then take the train to a smaller location and rent a car for the day. But if you're only going to cities and towns, public transportation will do for you very well.

Also, I have reported the post by vanbek06 to the Webmaster - link is spam.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the replys and information.

My game plan is to essentially circle Denmark. Starting in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Billund (Legoland), Lubeck Germany, Odense, Roskilde, and back to Copenhagen for the return flight.

I have a family of four, with having two children I enjoy the convienace of a rental.

Enjoy the weekend,


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There is nothing convenient about having a car in a European town or city. Since your plan seems to only include towns and cities, take the train.

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We did almost the exact same itinerary (except we skipped Legoland) by train, bus and ferry (from Lubeck) with no issues.

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I agree with the others, I don't see the point of renting a car for that itenerary. For me, it'd be more of a hassle than a convenience. Don't underestimate the ease and convenience of trains in Denmark and Germany - and the inconvenience of bringing a car to an old town or city.

Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Roskilde (and Lübeck for that matter) are all connected by very regular trains - and Billund can be reached with a little bus ride from Vejle.

I'd recommend taking a look at for public transport timetables in Denmark - and get your train tickets on (for international tickets: compare with

However, those are nice towns and cities, and I think you can have a great and fun holiday in these places.

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If you take the metro from the airport you will be at least half way to Copenhagen when the shuttle bus arrives to the rental centre.

Lund is recommended over Malmö for general tourism. In the summer a canal tour in Malmö is nice though. With a car it is better to explore the country side like Österlen.

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We did a vaguely similar itinerary last summer, and a car was necessary because of the small places we visited along the way. Driving outside of Copenhagen was really easy. I would recommend waiting to get the car until after you've done your Copenhagen touring and then getting the car as far outside the center as you can. We spent three nights in Roskilde after touring in Copenhagen and picked up the car on the morning of the second day to drive to Stevns Klint. We parked the car overnight in Roskilde for one night and then drove away the next morning. Our timing was lucky - we parked the car on a Friday night and were able to park for free in a lot near our apartment. Our other accommodations also had free parking. We dropped the car at the Billund airport (and caught a flight) when we were done with that portion of the trip.

While you can do your itinerary by train and bus, I understand that sometimes the car is more convenient especially with kids and if you want to make many small stops. The car will be a real hassle in Copenhagen, though, so be strategic about when you have it.