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Copenhagen to Oslo - want to rent a car but....

Hello - My husband and I have lodging reservations in 3 places: Copenhagen, followed by a small town 45 minutes north of Gothenburg, Sweden, and then in Oslo (in that order). We'd like to rent a car in Copenhagen and drive to Sweden to our lodging and then to Oslo 4 days later, but WOW the one-way rental fee is huge. I've also priced out Malmo or Gothenburg to Oslo and that is better but still high. If you know of a good rental car company without huge one-way fees, please let me know.
Otherwise we may train from Copenhagen to Gothenburg, rent a car there and return it there, and bus from Gothenburg to Oslo via If you know of anything simpler than this, please let me know!
Thank you.

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I think you’ll find it to be uniform practice to charge huge drop-off fees in Europe when renting a car in one country and returning it in another.

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We flew from Copenhagen to Oslo in an hour for well under $100. Worked we!l.

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To clarify: Our travel from Copenhagen-Oslo is not in one day. We are spending 4 nights in a small town north of Gothenburg, Sweden after our Copenhagen stay and before our Oslo stay. Thank you.

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Renting in Sweden and dropping off on Norway would still incur a huge drop off fee. I think your alternate plan of train/bus would certainly be more economical. My husband is the driver on our international trips, but he much prefers the train so he can sit back, relax, and watch the scenery instead of having to focus on the road and navigate European cities.

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I would suggest taking the train or bus between Copenhagen and Gothenburg and onwards to Oslo and then rent a car in Gothenburg for your stay in that area. Train tickets can be very cheap if bought in advance, either trough the Swedish Railways or the Norwegian
I have driven from Copenhagen to Oslo before and while the drive is nice, it can also be fairly dull and certainly not nice enough to warrant the step drop of fees for a rental car.