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Copenhagen to Munich - Flight times

Hubby and I are flying into Copenhagen from NYC in September. We're wanting to stay in the airport and catch a flight to Munich. Our flight comes in to CPH @ 12:40 p.m.. What would be a reasonable amount of time to give to catch another flight (assuming we'll have to go through customs, etc)? SAS has a nonstop flight at 2:35 (which I'm hoping will go down in price), so could we make that?

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This is a common question on this forum, but the answer is pretty much always the same. If you need a flight connection within one day, it's much "safer" to book all legs on the same ticket, with code-shared airline partners, and usually easy to do so. Put another way, book a flight from NYC to Munich, and connect wherever you have to connect. In that case, your luggage can be checked all the way through and the airline partners are responsible for getting you all the way to your destination, even in case of flight delay.

If you book two separate tickets, SAS might still accept your luggage transfer through an interline agreement (smaller airlines would not), but they would not have to put you on a later flight if you miss the connection.