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Copenhagen to/from Cruise Terminal

We are planning a Baltic cruise June 2016. The ship will remain at the Copenhagen terminal for 29 hours, arriving at noon and departing the following day at 5:00 pm. We'll visit the city the first afternoon and evening, return to the ship, then disembark again the morning of the second day staying in the city as long as possible and leaving to make the 5:00 pm sailing. I've seen elsewhere on the RS Denmark threads that Bus #26 is the only public transportation option between center city and the cruise terminal. How long does it take in moderate traffic to get to/from the city and the cruise terminal? Walking long distance is a problem for my wife; what is the length of the hike from where Bus #26 stops to the various ship mooring locations (kindly provide and approximation of the walk to/from the nearest to farthest ship--an estimate in feet or meters would be most helpful). Thanks

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If no answers are forthcoming here, remember that your ship's excursion director very likely has the information you want. His main job is selling you an excursion but if you persist he should help out.

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There are three cruise terminals in Copenhagen: Freeport, Langelinie and Oceankaj.
One bus stop will be within close walking distance to the ship, and the buses will be starting at 8:00 a.m. The bus will sometimes run on special schedules when ships are in port.
Our cruise ship came into Oceankaj, the newest port and the farthest out. We took Bus #25 out of the port area and got off at Østerport Station. Bus #25 also goes to the Norreport Station where you can get on the Metro (subway.) At Østerport, we got onto Bus #26 which took us downtown to a stop at the front door of The Tivoli and 1/2 block from the train station. The Tourist Information office is right there too.
When you get off at Freeport and Langelinie, you can also catch Bus #26 to downtown.
To return to the ship, you can get on Bus #26 in front of the City Hall--on H.C. Anderson Blvd. in front of the north wall of The Tivoli.
You can buy tickets from the driver if you have exact change.
If you know the address of where you want to go within the city, you can go to It'll give you exact directions (like MapQuest) on how to use mass transit.