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Copenhagen to Bornholm

What is the best way to plan a day trip to Bornholm from Copenhagen ? Is there a preferred bus/ ferry connection ? What are the main areas to visit on Bornholm ? I want to visit the island where my great grandparents lived while I am visiting Copenhagen.

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The fastest bus/ferry connection is via by bus to Ystad in Sweden and a ferry to Rønne, Bornholm. It takes over 3 hours, so not suitable as a day trip.
it's also possible to fly

I would not suggest visiting Bornholm as a day trip from Copenhagen, since it's too far away and there is more than enought there to keep you occupied for several days. All transport to Bornholm goes via the main town Rønne, which has a fairly nice old town, but is not the most interesting spot on Bornholm. The more interesting sights on the Bornholm are located around the Island, which would add to you transportation time.
The towns of Svaneke and Gudhjem are nicer than Rønne, both old fishing towns and very quaint. On the northern tip of the ilsand you can see Hammershus fortress, the largest medieval castle ruins in northern Europe.
Bornholm is laso famous for it's medieval round churches, the largest being the one in Østerlars.

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Thank you for the information. We are prepared to spend a very long day on this trip. Are there taxis easily available on Bornholm ?

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There is a Europecar agency at the ferry dock in Ronne.