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Copenhagen questions

Good day all -
We are going to be take a cruise (argh) from Oceankaj pier c. Is Oceankaj part of a bigger unit of what? Can find it in the RS Cruise ports book.
Also - want to buy some wine to take on the ship. ( They only allow one bottle pp, btw. Wish I had known.) We will hopefully zip into town from airport hotel the evening before the trip. Maybe we will to the walking tour from the book.

Where might we look for a supermarket?

And where is Oceankaj?


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This port is new since the Northern Cruise Ports book was published two years ago. Here's the description from the new Scandinavia book, in stores this month:

Oceankaj has three terminals. If your ship docks at Terminal 1, it’s a short walk across the street past a cluster of kiosks and down the main road leading away from the cruise port to the stop for bus #26. If your ship arrives at the more distant Terminals 2 or 3, it’s a 10- to 15-minute walk along the harborfront road to Terminal 1, where you’ll turn right at the kiosks and go a short distance down the main road to the bus #26 stop.

A few similar notes from this forum are at:

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A number of Scandinavian airports have duty free shopping before exiting airside. The returning locals will bee line to the duty free then exit the nothing to declare door.

Please note that you may make purchases in TAX FREE both when leaving
Denmark and when you land – so remember to treat yourself, your
family, your friends and acquaintances!

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Since the Oceankaj is pretty new and in a newly developed area, supermarkets are hard to come by there. As Edgar posts there is a Duty Free Shop at the airport just by the exit when you pick up your luggage, but there are hardly ever any lines there, since it's not signifacantly cheaper than supermarkets in the rest of Denmark, when the supermakets have special offers.

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Morten's note about supermarket prices is interesting. It appears that Denmark, unlike Norway apparently lowered alcohol taxes in 2003, something I wasn't aware of.

If you are limited by the cruise ship to one bottle, something "stronger" than wine would go a lot further. Aquavit perhaps?

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Great info all around. Thanks!

Aquavit - they allow no spirits - or I would do that. I think HAL is shooting themselves in the foot on this one. This will shift the demographics of the passengers significantly. I thought I would never do a cruise again - should have listened to myself better! I am not a boozer - but I do like a glass of something before dinner - but annoyed at the company for their new policy.

Re the port - that is very very helpful. The company told us - All EUDM turnarounds are at "Ocean Quay C330" . So is that 1, 2, or 3? We will check out the duty free.

Glad they lowered their taxes in town too. Is that on beer and wine? Is there a great beer there that we should try?

Cheers and thanks.

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If you take the Metro ( from the airport, you will change to the S-train or to Bus 25 on Nørreport Station. There are a number of supermarkets and wine shops around the station. Let one person look after the luggage and let another shop.

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We used the route described above, metro to Norreport, then changed to an S-train to Nordhavn. The description given above by the RS staff sounds like it's in the same general area as where most of the cruise ships are docked.

The metro gets you into town faster from the airport than any other option if you're going to the area at the north end of the Stroget or further north (roughly 15 minutes to the Kongens Nytorv stop, which is adjacent to Nyhavn). The train is a better option if you want to be near City Hall/Tivoli Park area (about a 25 minute ride).

I can't remember the name of the little (by U.S. standards, normal for Europe) store we used most often but it was walking distance from Kongens Nytorv. Ask someone local, they'll know. As I recall Kongens Nytorv is one stop prior to Norreport on the metro line coming from the airport.

The store sells wine at EU prices, so a bottle of French wine is pretty cheap.

Your cruise will let you bring a bottle of wine each onto the ship at each port. It's a good way to save, and drink better wine, versus what's offered on the ship.

We carry one bag where ever we go, including for a cruise - which makes public transportation options more convenient.