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Copenhagen Plane/Train Connection

My wife and I arrive Copenhagen Airport from Bergen, Norway via SAS Airline at 11:20. On the flight we plan to carry on our luggage. On arrival in Copenhagen we continue by train, bus and ferry to Aeroskobing. We have Copenhagen airport train departure time options of 12:38 and 14:38. We prefer the earlier train departure time, but should we miss it, tickets purchased for the balance of the journey become a real problem. Can we feel comfortable in booking the 12:38 train departure, or should we go with 14:38? The train ticket I would purchase would be non-refundable and could not be exchanged.

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I agree with Jazz+Travels.

When you arrive at 11:20, you will have plenty of time to catch the 12:38 train from the airport. Your odds look good from my point of view. Waiting around for the 14:38 train would be a waste of time IMO.

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You're really asking about risk tolerance: what is the chance your incoming train because your flight arrives late? I would take a wild guess that this flight is pretty reliable, but who knows? There's always a chance of late arrival for various reasons.

The real question you have to ask is: what if you miss the 12:38? Then what? Figure out NOW what you would do in that case (buy new tickets for the next train on the spot, arrive later, etc.) and be willing to accept it in the unlikely chance you are late. Just know what to do instead of wondering when you get there. I do this kind of thing all the time, actually (train to plane or plane to train or plane to plane) and understand the consequence if I miss the connection - and know my backup plan. Some people hate this kind of risk and would never take it. It's an individual preference.