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Copenhagen layover in the middle of the night.

Hello! My wife and I will have a layover in Copenhagen (from Barcelona to Keflavik) at the end of July in the middle of the night. Our flight gets in at 11:20 pm and we will be flying out at 8:30 am the next morning. We would prefer not to have to hang out at the airport, nor will we get a hotel. We wouldn't mind going into town and seeing some sights and maybe getting a bite to eat and enjoying a cocktail or two. Will anything be open to see and grab something to eat? I assume walking through town in the middle of the night will not be dangerous. We have never been out in the city of Copenhagen (we did have a 1 or 2 hour layover there in 2019) so we would really like to get out and see a few things. Any suggestions on what to see in the middle of the night and any places that might be open to get food and a drink would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm not much of a night owl, so it is limited how much I can help you, but here goes.

You can take the metro into city and walk around, but I don't think you will find much entertainment at that time of night, unless we are talking about a Friday or Saturday night, but in that case I would be careful about the many drunk) people you will see.

Shops will be closed. The canal boats will not be running. Museums and other attractions will be closed (unless there is a special theme night - happens sometimes)

Best chance to get something to eat, will be the central station.

Good luck :-)

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I am here looking for the exact same thing - we have a Monday overnight layover in April and were hoping to at least get to wander though the center of town and get a little taste of this beautiful city. I was hoping that Rick has recorded his city walk tour to listen and walk, but it looks like it is only in the Copenhagen book. :(

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Having spent time last August in both Denmark & Norway I can say that these are not night owl places. Copenhagen while a major city is not a place with lots of late-night action. My family (myself, my husband, and 2 teens) found that most everything closed down rather earlier than we anticipated. It was a common complaint my family had as we traveled across Scandinavia. The late hour that you arrive I think you will be hard-pressed to find much of anything as most places will be fast closed or will have closed by midnight (many kitchens may stop cooking 1/2 hour before closing time FYI).

In terms of just getting out of the airport you could take the train to Central Station Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens which will most likely be closed at that hour is directly across the street from the train station. From here you can start exploring walking around in the city, maybe do Rick's self-guided walking tour? We felt very safe in Copenhagen at all hours it's really a beautiful city.

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The Crowne Plaza Hotel is not to far from the airport and you can get there using public transport or taxi.

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Spent a week in Copenhagen last September. Businesses seemed to shut down just about everywhere in the tourist and outlying areas. I stayed in the university neighborhood and it was the same there. Everything remained nicely lighted. Something somewhere may be open but will require planning. The subway system is awesome. Walking around the city was quite safe during my time there as I never had an issue.